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‘OnePlus Tab’ leak suggests OnePlus-made tablet in the works


So far, OnePlus has kept itself busy in 2014 by teasing its One smartphone, officially introducing the device and then inviting consumers to buy one. Just because OnePlus is done hyping up and revealing its handset doesn’t mean that it’s going to just sit back and handle sales, though, as a new leak has revealed that OnePlus may be cooking up another new device.

An image of the alpha version of the OnePlus website that shows an entry for a “OnePlus Tab” has been leaked. According to @evleaks, the screenshot was taken just a few days ago on July 29.


The bad news for those of us that are hungry for details is that that’s all that we know about the OnePlus Tab right now. The name suggests that it’s a tablet-type of device, and considering that OnePlus used CyanogenMod on its smartphone, we wouldn’t be surprised if that OS made an appearance on the OnePlus Tab as well.

Despite the fact that we don’t know much about this OnePlus Tab, it may still be a product worth keeping an eye on. After all, the OnePlus One features some pretty impressive specs and only costs $299 without a contract, so it’ll be interesting to see what OnePlus can do with a tablet.

What features would you like to see included with a OnePlus tablet?

Source: @evleaks

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  • Nigel

    It needs to be

    High spec.
    Large battery
    Wifi AC.
    Optional LTE all bands.

    8″ screen 16:9 ratio.

    Available simply in bulk without lies hype and vagueness as cover for what should be honestly announced slippages.

  • 99steve

    Why would oppo do that? So they can piss off a million people by putting them on some stupid waiting list for 4 months like me? I thought the one plus was the phone if the year but will I get one this year who knows

  • o

    the hyping has begun. if i were them i’d focus on getting the 1st product out the door & into people’s hands before teasing with another..

  • namesib

    Lol. This company’s reputation is in the gutter.

  • Archie Johnson

    I guess 1 + 1 does equal two. Strikes that is. Hype company and all these dumb, disconnected, out of touch with reality so called technology news heads just don’t get it. Why do they keep publishing anything for a company that is this bad.

  • Adam Yates

    This sounds exciting! I love my OnePlus one phone. And I’m confused why everyone complains about not getting an invite. I created my account about a month ago and go to my invite and phone a couple weeks later.