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OnePlus teases wood announcement, StyleSwap cover news may be coming


Remember those StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus One that leaked out earlier this year? Well it looks like we finally be getting close to seeing them actually launch.

The official @OnePlus Twitter account today posted an image of a wood background with the words “Knock on Wood 7.22” emblazoned upon it. The caption attached to the photos says “Wood you like to know more? 7.22.”

OnePlus originally teased its StyleSwap rear covers way back in March, so it’s exciting to see that they may finally be available soon. Some of the StyleSwap panels that are said to be in the works include Silk, Sandstone, Kevlar, Denim and Bamboo. There’s no word on how much these covers might cost, but hey, July 22 is only 12 days away.

If you already have a OnePlus One or plan to get one, will you be getting a StyleSwap cover to add a touch of personality to your device?

Source: @OnePlus

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  • Thorpeland

    “If you already have a OnePlus One…” . Wrong, no body has one. The company won’t sell them to anyone!! lol

  • Jonathan

    Just bought a few covers, but I might still try some of these. I would like to see some photos of them first.

    • Garth

      Where did u buy the covers and how much?

  • Aquilon

    Surely they’re going to leak this splinter by splinter then finally launch an invite system. Then to round it off they’ll send the invites to people who don’t have invites to buy the phone. Excited :D

  • Alain Lafond

    Yeah, yeah, yeah… Tell me about it…. And where’s the phone?
    Buy the cover, then get the phone… hahahaha!

  • des

    I rather have an announcement of when it will be available not stupid covers!!!

  • Hershell Tidwell

    I just got my invite the other day and purchased the phone. I will probably grab the wood and the Kevlar.

  • 99steve

    Been on their stupid waiting list for 4 months, worry about the phone damit

  • aranea

    Depends on how much the covers are. On the other hand if they have one with a flip cover I’ll be more willing to buy.

    PS. My phone is supposed to arrive tomorrow. So maybe the black is good enough that i don’t need a cover :)