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Republic Wireless offering free Chromecast with non-customized Moto X

Moto X Touchless Control

If you’re a Republic Wireless customer, or you’ve been looking to switch, here’s your incentive. The carrier is offering a new deal: with your purchase of a Moto X, you’ll receive a free Chromecast. This will save you $35 on the little streaming dongle, though you’ll have to shell out $299 for the Moto X off contract.

Unfortunately, it seems that this promotion doesn’t apply to Moto Maker devices, only the black or white standard devices. It’s a significant disappointment as a big part of the Moto X’s appeal is the aspect of customization. But still, the standard devices are just as good.

If you’re interested, hit the source link to buy yours now. While Republic Wireless may not be the most popular carrier, it’s sure to suit some people.

Via: Android Central

Source: Republic Wireless

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  • gpmillerjax

    I honestly hope that people are doing their research before switching to Republic Wireless, which uses a Sprint Backbone. Everyone I know that has had Sprint over the last two years has switched to another carrier and been super pleased because of how poor Sprint was in every aspect.

    • MonMan

      Yep, with Sprint continuing to bleed customers, about 250,000 every 3 months – according to online sources, they will sign a contract with any wanna-be cellphone provider and make them an MVNO of Sprint. Sprint is ALSO desperate for customers. So, for those unfortunate enough to actually sign-up with Republic Wireless, you are get a double dose of loser whammy – first, the poor performance of a slow cell network, and then your speeds slow down even more, thus the reason for so many complaints from RW customers, when RW diverts the signal and filters it through their in-house VOIP servers. OUCH!!

  • jdog

    I saved $20 thru a referral link and you can do the same with my link below. I switched to republic several months ago from ATT and Im saving over $100 a month. Couldnt be happier.

  • MonMan

    Yeah, with their lack of REAL customer service (making people email and use support tickets — where you have to wait days to get a viable response — is not customer service), RW is at the bottom of the barrel in the MVNO world. They are desperate for customers, as they only have a little over 100,000 customers after nearly 3 years of being in business. While Chromecast is good, I have it myself, it’s just another gimmicky ploy by RW to try and draw in customers. Their typical fare of giving out ‘swag’ to everyone who asks for it ran out of steam very early on. Page Plus and Ting, both MVNO’s, are really tearing things up right now with their popularity, for those looking to get out from under the heel of the big boys.

  • Lenoir

    My only concern when I first joined Republic Wireless was the quality of Sprint coverage in my area. It turned out to be very good. Sprint has also made significant upgrades to their towers this year. You have 30-days to try their service and test the hybrid-calling to see if it works for you. So far, I have received reliable service at an affordable price. The handoff from WiFi to cellular calling is seamless, and I cannot tell when it happens.

    I am on the $10 month plan with the Moto X and use the phone as a remote while streaming movies through Chromecast on Netflix. It’s streaming quality is better than my Sony Blu-ray player.

    I am a fan of Republic Wireless because you can change your plan twice per month. When I travel, I will upgrade to a plan with cellular data and then switch back to the $10 plan once I return home. I pay for what I need when I need!

    I think everyone should do their home to make sure RW is a good fit for them. That is exact what I did. I am a very satisfied customer.

  • Greg

    So I ordered my phone on July 18th, 2014 so regarding the free chromecast, is this another case of me being S.O.L because I purchased my phone 4 days to soon? BTW I am happy with the with the calls come through very clear (probably over the internet), Before I went from Sprint to Republic, I couldn’t receive calls within 1000 feet of my house. My sister phone works, but she has another year on her contract, so they have EFF’ed with her signal yet (probably to convince her that she needs a new phone and another 2 years of their service) Not looking forward to Sprints lousy cell service, but for $10 per month, I can live with it.

  • Mary_Richards

    How does Republic Wireless stack up to other MVNO providers? I recently dropped my Sprint service plan that was close to $100 per month and signed up for Ting mobile and haven’t had a bill over $30 yet. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even had to pay a dime since I switched thanks to its referral program that gives you a $25 credit anytime you refer a new customer. I used this link to get me started:

    Overall I’ve been very happy with my service and am happy to be saving so much money each month.

  • Matt

    I have the Moto X on Republic Wireless and it has been a really great phone. This combination provides great service and functionality at a price that blows the competition out of the water.

    Get $20 off your first month’s service charge when you sign up using the link below!