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Rumor: Microsoft prepping Lumia-branded Android phone

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When Nokia announced the Android powered Nokia X we weren’t quite sure what to think about it. We’ve long dreamed of the ultra-powerful, ultra-beautiful combination of Android and Nokia but the X simply didn’t deliver. It’s a low spec’d device running a custom version of Android in a cheap body. What we really want is an Android-powered Lumia device. And Microsoft might finally be ready to give it to us.

According to a new rumor out of the one and only evleaks, Microsoft is working on a Nokia Lumia-branded Android device. No other details surrounding the mystery device have been revealed, but there’s really only a couple ways this could turn out. Scenario number one: Microsoft’s Android-powered Lumia could be a beefed up Nokia X. It would run a custom, forked version of Android but come with things like a much better display and high-end camera. Scenario number two: Microsoft’s Android-powered Lumia is a Google-certified device complete with Google Play access and all. Chances are it would still be customized and include a bunch of Microsoft-centric apps, but Google Play access would completely change the appeal of the device.

Of course, with this being an unconfirmed rumor, there is a third scenario where Microsoft doesn’t release anything Android powered at all. Either way, we’ll be keeping a close eye out for more details on this rumor.

Source: evleaks

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  • Micah owensby

    If it came down to a Microsoft Nokia Lumia Branded Nexus 6 I would just get the G3.

    • Odie

      As in, a Nexus 6 made by Nokia(owned by Microsoft)? If so, I don’t see how or why that would be a bad thing since, by the program’s very nature, it would run stock Android.