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Samsung Galaxy Alpha 720p resolution confirmed by developer console

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Every time we hear about some sort of “higher end” version of an already high-end flagship, we’re disappointed. And I think this is the case with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, now known as the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Instead of being the metal-clad spec monster it was made out to be, it looks like the device will be quite a bit lower end.

Last we heard of it, a bunch of specs were released as a rumor. They mentioned a 720p display similar to the one in the Galaxy S III, 32GB of storage with no microSD slot, a fingerprint scanner and a metal rim. Sadly, the back is expected to be made out of plastic and not metal. Now the Galaxy Alpha’s 720p resolution is confirmed thanks to information in Samsung’s developer console. This is definitely not the flagship we were hoping for.

To be fair, Samsung warned us that there is no higher end Galaxy S5 coming. All of it has been rumor so far, and people shouldn’t have gotten their hopes up. But that’s the nature of rumors: they create hype and that hype eventually outgrows the device itself and people end up being let down. But Samsung’s move to metal is a good sign, so hopefully we’ll see some metal on the upcoming Galaxy Note 4.

Source: SamMobile

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  • BlazeHN

    I love this, personally I think resolution beyond 720p for a small (under 7″) phone device its useless, the almost non visible (or not really worth to notice) benefit its totally neglected by the way more noticeable battery draining from the processing power needed to sustain a higher resolution screen. 1080p its kinda ok 1440p and more its ridiculous. Also 720p runs better because you are forcing less the processor.

    THIS is one of the main reasons why iPhone with his very low specs can run so smootly because of their 640p screen not consuming that much processing power

  • Dennis

    I’ve been waiting for the rumored high end Galaxy to show up. If this article is true, I’ll have plenty of reasons to shop LG or Apple. Maybe Samsung isn’t one of the “big boys” anymore. Maybe they were never any more than smoke and mirrors??

  • Charles

    I guess I could live with a lower resolution display and plastic backing. But I CANNOT live without OIS in the camera. If this drops off too I will just wait for the Galaxy Note 4, which is rumored to have OIS. It better.