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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active thrown under riding lawnmower, comes out operational

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active lawnmower 4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active was the rugged version of the Galaxy S4, featuring water and dust proofing which was pretty awesome. The metal back also helped make it more rugged, and some people liked the device more than the standard Galaxy S4 simply for the build quality. But we had no idea it could take such a beating.

Thanks to Reddit, we get to see a story of someone mowing the lawn with a riding mower, listening to music on the Galaxy S4 Active. The device slips out of their pocket and falls under the mower. You’d think you would find shreds of a device left, but no, the device comes out mostly in one piece. That corner might be somewhere else entirely.

However, the device works perfectly fine! It didn’t even stop playing music after being hit by the blades, and touch input works as it should. Yeah, the display is pretty messed up, but it’s still an impressive feat nonetheless. It’s just an awesome story we enjoyed. Any such stories of yours you can share?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active lawnmower 4 Samsung Galaxy S4 Active lawnmower 1 Samsung Galaxy S4 Active lawnmower 2 Samsung Galaxy S4 Active lawnmower 3 Samsung Galaxy S4 Active lawnmower 5 Samsung Galaxy S4 Active lawnmower 6

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Source: Reddit

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  • kitkat thrown under riding lawnmower

    Galaxy S5 thrown under riding lawnmower, comes out operational – because it had a band-aid!
    Self healing anyone?

    • guest

      Ha….ha….ha…. you are really funny -_-

    • whynot

      Nice try, lol. I guess Nexus Nazis have nothing bad they can say, so they resort to brainless mantras like “it looks like a band-aid, hurr hurr.”

      You know you can take the back off and put on another one, right? You know it’s not peeling like the Nexus 5, right? You know most people use the back for holding, and they look at the front instead, right?

  • Elli Rose

    I don’t like the Active version of Galaxy S4 even though it is cleared the water proofing test or even here working fine even after thrown under the riding lawnmower. I don’t get the concept of physical navigation buttons. Well, I have standard Galaxy S4 that I am using from last 18 months and like its specs and recently updated the Android 4.4 KitKat version on it. However, there is little affect on its battery performance but not an issue as I recently purchased a power bank cover for it to keep the device fully charged.