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Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play edition leaks out


Whenever a major flagship device comes out, a part of us always wishes that it ran stock Android. That’s why Google Play edition devices were created: to put stock Android on your favorite flagship hardware. This year, the only new flagship GPe device that we’ve seen so far is the HTC One (M8), but that could be changing soon. Samsung Galaxy S5 GPe

As we can see from the photo (right), brought to us by @evleaks, there appears to be a Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play edition in the works. That’s unsurprising considering that last year’s Galaxy S4 had a GPe variant. One confusing aspect is that the above photo shows a Galaxy S5 running KitKat with on-screen nav buttons above the Galaxy S5′s hardware buttons. We’ll chalk it up to an early leak glitch, but we dearly hope that it won’t look like that in the final product.

Would you be interested in a Galaxy S5 GPe?

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  • sere83

    Nope. Not even stock android can save that monstrosity

  • Mass

    You can run CyanogenMod on a regular S5. That is largely identical to Google Play Edition, right? Are there any notable differences? A lot of people don’t want to wait ~6 months for an official GPe handset.

    • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

      The difference between GPe and any other ROM is official support from Google and the OEM with full QA testing. No custom ROM is ever going to offer that when you install it yourself.

      • jake

        Unless it’s the official GPE rom ported to your device. Like the 4.4.4 GPE rom I have on my Verizon S4. Got it right when the official rom got pushed to devices. Thanks to one kick-ass developer.

      • hp420

        You don’t consider roms like Paranoid Android and Cyanogen to be fully tested and run through the QA ringer? I’m not talking about the latest nightly…I’m referring to M-snapshots and stable releases. These are considered as stable as many OEM roms…and sometimes more, since they are tested by so many people with so many more variables than any OEM could ever dream of doing.

    • Nate B.

      Stability and performance is the difference. ROM’s will never be 100% stable. And I personally think there is a difference in picture quality when using a stock ROM vs the custom one. That part could just be me.

      • grant

        What sorcery is this? ;)

  • David

    Good thought, +Jeff. So why isn’t there some way to turn an OEM device into a GPe model? I’m happy with my GS5 as it is – for now. But even Samsung struggles to figure out how to upgrade when new versions of Android are released. Sure would be nice to be able to upgrade to GPe.

    • jake

      I have a Verizon S5 w/ unlocked bootloader…and I am running the stock GPE rom. It’s just the international rom ported to Verizon and everything works dandy.

    • jake

      Oops, I meant an S4. So you can do it if your bootloader is unlocked.

  • Pieter

    No, I’ve had the S5 with Touchwizz since 10 April. I prefer it to the bare bones, no feature Vanilla Android. I changed the animation scale to 0.5x, and set runtime to ART, so TW is fast with zero lag.

  • hp420

    So it’s an Android Silver device, you mean???

  • jason

    What about a GPE GALAXY NOTE 3 or 4