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Samsung Gear VR Manager and setup apps shown off

Samsung Gear VR shot

Samsung has been creating a virtual reality headset for some time now. Though the software will be done by Samsung, the hardware will be made together with Oculus Rift, a company fairly experienced in VR. Some details and even a render were revealed previously, and today’s showcase of the app confirms many of the things we’ve heard before.

Samsung Gear VR app

The apps are shown off are installed on a Samsung device, but unfortunately, they aren’t all that functional without the actual Gear VR connected. Still, they do reveal a few interesting things on the virtual reality headset. First off is confirmation that it will be modular, with your Samsung device going into the Gear VR to act as the display, camera, and sensors. This is probably the most important detail, and will be reflected in the price of the final product.

We can also see a touch pad and a button on the side. The button can be long pressed to turn on the camera and see the world around you, useful for not bumping into things. There are also features like an alert that sounds every hour you’re in the virtual world, calibration, and more.

The Gear VR is a very interesting device, though I’m afraid it may be limited by its mobile focus. Still, Samsung could make it work. Hit the source link for some more screenshots and info. Would you get a Samsung virtual reality device powered by your Galaxy phone?

Source: SamMobile

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