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Samsung has even more tablets up its sleeve

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For Samsung, every day is a day to leak a new tablet. Because nearly every day, Samsung has a new tablet in the making. There are already the new Galaxy Tab 4 series, the Tab S series, the Note PRO series and a few others. Why does it need to release more tablets? We don’t know, but there are two new tablet model numbers that have been leaked.

The SM-T360 and SM-T365 have both been leaked on the Samsung Scandinavia website. These might be two different models of the same tablet, or just two tablets of the same size. Since the SM-T33x is 8 inches and the SM-T53x is 10.1 inches, it could be assumed that the SM-T36x tablets will be 9-inch Tab 4 budget tablets. However, we can’t be for sure.

It’s actually pretty funny how many tablets Samsung is releasing, even though only a few are really worth buying. A 9-inch tablet won’t change the market whatsoever, nor is choice in half-inch increments particularly necessary. What do you think of Samsung releasing every size of tablet possible? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Bart

    That’s like asking how many flavors can Ben & Jerry’s come up with. Just when we thought we’d seen it all, now they have two SNL-themed flavors. Or how many ways can you do chocolate, and yet Sees candies is still going strong. Or how many ways can we possibly do beer and yet micro breweries are popping up as fast as weeds in my yard. ;-)

    • Richard Yarrell

      It’s been pretty plain and simple since May 2011 nothing beats Samsung period they are Android nothing else matters.

  • Nigel

    They compete with each other and their development adds cost that we if we buy Samsung end up paying.

    Fewer models cheaper is what we need.

  • hockey

    Samsung is Samsung. They one of the most prominent company in the technology business and you can’t belittle what they have created and released on the market.