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Samsung patents point to upcoming smartwatch with round display

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The latest patents granted to Samsung reveal that the company could have plans to soon launch another smartwatch, with one big change. The display on this smartwatch patent is round, indicating a design at least somewhat similar to the Moto 360. Every one of Samsung’s previous smartwatch offerings have been equipped with square displays, making this a clear departure from tradition. This isn’t a negative angle, as round watches convey a much better look and feel over their square counterparts.

In the patents, references can also be found to a charging port at the clasp of the watch. More interesting is that the watch will reportedly feature a camera on the watchband. Rather than being used for taking abnormal pictures, the camera will be used for gesture control of the watch, something that Samsung has used in phones. It’s not entirely clear how this will play out in reality, but it does appear to be a new way of thinking about things. No details are known about when this smartwatch will hit market or what software it will run, but we’re looking forward to more smartwatches with round displays.


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Via: Android Central

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  • BlazeHN

    Booooooo!!! Long live the mighty 360!!!

  • EdC

    I am all for lots of manufacturers coming up with round options. With that said, if Samsung makes this a Tizen instead of Android or if it needs a Samsung phone to get its full potential then I am not a potential customer.

  • Thomas Sim

    Is it me or this round watch still ugly. Get rid of camera or sensor thing.

  • underseaglider

    There are many paths to innovation that a company can take and Samsung seems to have found one that works. This smartwatch could be a big hit because it will be different from the others that are mostly square watches.

    • BlazeHN

      Innovation? Ehhmmm…. Moto 360?