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Samsung releases report on its Chinese suppliers

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Samsung has previously had problems with its suppliers, as have all companies, so it decided to investigate. The company commissioned independent inspections of 100 Chinese suppliers it uses to see how much illegal activity is going on. And sadly, the results aren’t very good.

59 out of the 100 suppliers did not have proper safety equipment or monitoring systems, 33 didn’t dispose of waste properly, and more than half didn’t provide overtime hours mandated by Chinese law. There were plenty of other violations as well, but luckily, no cases of underage workers was found. Still, it’s a pretty poor situation.

It’s surprising and pretty decent of Samsung to publicly release these reports, as such negative press would drive many other companies to cover it up. Let us not forget that many companies use these suppliers, but most haven’t done anything about such issues. However, it seems Samsung is dedicated to changing this. The company has worked with many suppliers before to train workers and change poor conditions, so we might see this continue on a bigger scale. Good on Samsung for actually doing something to improve the lives of the workers, instead of installing anit-suicide nets and leaving it at that.

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  • thel0nerang3r

    I’m glad that Sumsung commissioned the inspection and also glad that they released the results. I hope that changes are made soon for the safety of the employees.