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Samsung to add ultraviolet sensor to Galaxy Note 4

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Samsung has been focusing on health in its mobile devices for the last few years. With the Galaxy S 4, the company first introduced S Health for fitness and diet tracking, though it was pretty basic at the time. With the Galaxy S5, the app has significantly improved and a heart rate sensor was added to the device. This new sensor furthered the health theme, and it seems like Samsung is going to take it even further later this year.

According to this rumor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature an ultraviolet (UV) sensor. And surprisingly, it sounds somewhat useful. This sensor will be used to measure UV radiation from the sun, letting you know how dangerous UV radiation is at that point. It’ll use five UV index levels, from low to extreme.

As many of you know, UV radiation is pretty dangerous. If you’re out in extreme levels of UV, your skin can start burning within minutes. The device will warn you when you’ll need extra protection from the sun and when to worry less.

On one hand, this actually seems pretty useful because many people ignore UV radiation as a health risk. This is especially true on cloudy or wintry days, where UV radiation is still dangerous. On the other hand, it seems a little extreme to be worried about the sun so much that you use your phone to test UV levels.

If the next Galaxy Note device actually does feature this UV sensor, it would definitely be a useful addition to those who want it. And if you don’t want it, it’s as simple as not using it (much like the heart rate monitor on the Galaxy S5 is easy to ignore). Plus, Samsung might add extra functionality to the sensor. Do you like this idea?

Source: SamMobile

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  • Stanglifemike

    I’ll be buying the Note 4 on launch day regardless of what sensors it does or doesn’t have. I would use a heart rate monitor more than a UV sensor, though, so I’m hoping it includes that as well. That said, it would be interesting to occasionally check the UV levels when I’m going to be in the sun for hours at a time.

  • Bart

    @Dima: Hey there. Spellcheck the title of this article. You wrote ultravioet (missing “L”)

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Nice catch, thanks! I’ll fix it now. Just got home from work.

    • Richard Yarrell

      It’s pretty Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period they are Android nothing else matters.

      This is and will be a day one purchase for me just as all the other Galaxy Note products have been.

      This time I will add the Galaxy Gear 3 along with the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE tablet all on Tmobile it will be a grand day October 17th

  • John Doe

    If you are going to report, verify your story. Samsung health was out and very usable with the galaxy s3/ Note 2 models.

    • AJAY

      It says it was INTRODUCED with the S4, not that it was only compatible with it. Relax, chief.

  • Arron Hall

    Yes I like the idea as a health conscious individual I generally use the heart rate sensor in my Galaxy S5 and UV sensor will also be a great feature in Galaxy Note 4 to measure the level of Ultraviolet rays to take the precautions according to it. I have Galaxy S5 from last 3 months and like its heart rate sensor, touch wiz finger print scanner and 2800mAh battery that after fully charged on qi wireless charger with receiver, runs throughout the day with normal use.

  • SamK

    Its good to have but its necessary, this is a phone to use, and the most that I would use it to make phone calls and not an entertainment or health watch. It all gimmick to me. I just want to see those phones last longer than 2 years, its like buying a computer every 2 years.

    • Hank

      So why do you feel the need to buy a phone every 2 yrs and a smart phone at that if your main purpose is a phone. If you just get a phone like Samsung A777 that is better suited for your needs but also has the capability of light web browsing and music if needed. With this phone. you shouldn’t ever have to upgrade unless the phone breaks or it’s not supported by carriers anymore.

      I would say the vast majority of the people these days are the opposite of you and that their phones are used more for entertainment, browsing, texting and less for talking on. These are the folks that want to so called “Gimmicks”. Just take some time the next time you’re out and about and count the ratio between those that are using their phones for talking vs doing the so called “gimmicky” stuff. At this point in the game, I don’t even know why they even know why we still have the word “phone” as part of the device. It should really be called a Smart Device vs a Smart Phone.

  • SamK

    Its good to have it but its not necessary, in my opinion this is a phone to use, and the most that I would use it for is to make a phone calls and it is not an entertainment or health watch option. I just want to see those phones last longer than 2 years,it’s like I’m buying a computer every 2 years.

  • Dr. cohen meir

    What about a FM TUNER??

  • kamala srinivasan

    I will buy note4 definitely

  • Dr. cohen meir


  • Unit

    What a silly comment at the end. “And if you don’t want it, it’s as simple as not using it”. I still have to pay for a stupid feature that I don’t want to use. It’s not like I can tell Samsung; oh leave the UV sensor off my device and knock a 100 quid off, cheers. If you deem a feature, especially a hardware one, silly, you can’t simply say just don’t use it dummy!!!

  • john

    I would like to see UV sensor on board. It
    Is useful I take medications and some of the medications require I stay out of sun light. That is not possible all times I need to go to Dr. And shopping. Just would be useful for me.

    • unamused

      If you take medication that requires you to stay out of the sun, you’re going to cover your skin and use an umbrella no matter what the UV level is. And you have to stand I the UV that your medicine requires you avoid.

      Now that the note 4 is out the feature is proving useless. Why did they add something so niche but not include a fm tuner? Smh.

  • Cantelumber

    If they put a better wi fi antenna in the note 4 I’m in. I have a note 3, and my htc evo 3d has way better wi fi connectivity. Something to do with the wi fi /bluetooth antenna combination. Fm antenna too please. LG seems like the only feasible alternative at this point. Cheers

  • prasanna

    hi uhy7y