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Samsung’s newest Exynos mobile processor features integrated LTE-A

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Samsung has announced its latest mobile processor, the Exynos ModAP. It’s been a while (almost two years) since a Samsung Exynos processor has been relevant in the US because they’ve lacked LTE support. However, the Exynos ModAP might finally change that.

The ModAP is a quad-core chip based on a 28nm process, which claims to play back 4K video seamlessly (something many modern chips simply cannot do). But the chip itself doesn’t much matter, as the important bit is the integrated LTE-Advanced modem. Samsung has finally fixed the biggest issue in Exynos chips. There is also a built in image signal processor, which allows for faster image capturing.

It’s actually pretty exciting that we might just see another Exynos processor here in the US. Though it’s not confirmed (the loyalty to Qualcomm is strong here), I’m hoping for it. I loved Exynos processors back in the day, despite the issues they had. Would you buy an Exynos-powered device? Tell us in the comments!

Via: Android Central

Source: Samsung

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  • Nigel

    More competition is good.

    Pity in Samsung phones it will be slowed down by bloated software.

    Gives us another choice for Nexus phones :)

  • NasLAU

    Competition is good but I hope it doesn’t come to the Nexus line. I don’t want another TI / Galaxy Nexus debacle.

  • 99steve

    I don’t notice much difference between the snapdragon 800 and the exynos processor from the note 2 and the snapdragon 800 is a year newer. I think there needs to be a choice because the snapdragon 801 wasn’t a big jump either from a 2.3 ghz to 2.5ghz

  • Omar

    I would love an Exynos processor with integrated LTE-A.