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Some Cadillac models gain wireless charging pads, unfortunately they’re Powermat


For those of you who haven’t used wireless charging yet, it’s a surprisingly awesome feature to have. I never used to support it, but after scoring an official wireless charging backplate for my Galaxy Note 3, I fell in love. The convenience of dropping your phone onto your nightstand is awesome, as is not having to unplug cables to pick it up again.

Now a few cars are offering built-in wireless charging. I know the 2013 Toyota Avalon features built in Qi wireless charging, allowing you to drop your phone onto the storage area and charge it without cables or fuss. I love that idea. Cadillac has just announced that it, too, will offer wireless charging in some of its cars, namely the 2015 ATS, Escalade and CTS Sport.

Excited? You shouldn’t be. Unlike Toyota’s adoption of the Qi wireless charging standard that every self-respecting smartphone uses, Cadillac is opting for Powermat wireless charging. This is a technology that’s completely unsupported and will require a special case, if you’re lucky enough to own a phone that even has a Powermac-compatible case available. Unlike in the demo video, it will not work with a bare Nexus 5.

Sadly, it looks like Powermat will be forced upon us by some companies. AT&T is only selling Powermat covers for the LG G3 and Starbucks has started using Powermat wireless chargers. But how about that motorized cubby door? It’s pretty sweet.

Via: Android Central
Source: Cadillac, Powermat

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  • Chris Menke

    It doesn’t sound like the wireless charger is limited to Powermat devices. The Powermat press release states:

    “Compatible with Powermat and other in-phone wireless charging technologies”

    Also, other reports, such as from Slash Gear, show that the GM wireless charger on the Caddy does support Qi.

    There seems to be very little fact checking going on here.

  • Elli Rose

    Even I have recently installed a wireless car charger dock for my Nexus 5 that comes with air vent mount and suction mount in order to keep my Smartphone fully charged without messing up with wires. Simply put the Smartphone on charger and it start charging it immediately.

  • Charles Diez

    I bevieve it will use Qi as well…do your research