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Unlocked Galaxy S5 receives update with minor speed boost

Galaxy S5 Mini

The Samsung Galaxy S5 packs some of the latest hardware available (though the Galaxy S5 LTE-A is a bit better), and its speed shows that. But there’s no doubt in my mind that the S5 has more lag than it should, most likely due to the hardware. The occasional stutters really bothered me when I had the a unit. Luckily, that may now be fixed.

The unlocked model of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is now getting two updates. The first is a 195MB update and the second is a tiny 1MB update. While not many differences are immediately visible, there is a noticeable speed increase. This is exactly what the Galaxy S5 needed, so it’s fantastic to hear that Samsung worked on it.

The update is still Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and the build is XXU1ANG2. It’s rolling out around the UK and possibly other countries in the coming days. If you get it, tell us how it goes and how you like it! But beware, it might contain security fixes that may hurt those of you who root and mod your phones.

Via: Android Central

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