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US Samsung Galaxy Gear owners finally get the chance to update to Tizen

Samsung Galaxy Gear

If you’re the owner of the original Samsung Galaxy Gear, you probably know that Samsung has released an update to the world that switches the device from Android to Tizen. This switch may or may not be good for folks. For regular people, the switch will be beneficial. But for those who bought it to tinker with the Android software, the update should be avoided.

Previously, you could sideload Android apps and install modified ROMs that add a ton of functionality, though most wouldn’t do that. With Tizen OS, you get almost three times the apps of the Android OS on the Galaxy Gear, a customizable interface with the ability to change backgrounds and colors and some new app features for fitness and media.

If you are willing to ditch Android on your smartwatch, you’ll need to fully charge your Galaxy Gear and download the latest version of Samsung Kies to your computer to get that update done. You’ll lose all of your data in the switch, but you may end up with a better user experience. Check out the source link for more info and let us know in the comments if you plan to make the switch!

Source: Samsung

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  • Richard Yarrell

    Plain and simple people with Gear products are extremely happy and value their products far more than any silly Android Wear watch with comes with NO legitimate features besides that silly OKAY GOOGLE.

    User’s who want the SAMSUNG experience already know how boring, dull, and comically useless stock android or just GOOGLE products are for day to day use that’s why true users of Samsung’s products NEVER WILL WANT or will they except anything Google related or stock related.

    Time has come for GOOGLE to realize they DO NOT DRIVE ANDROID it’s the manufacturers who make the product and the customer who buys the product who determine what Android is or will become.

    Samsung owns almost 70% market share of the entire android platform they own the Worldwide market share and 70% market share of the Smartwatch industry today as well as 23% of the Tablet industry if it wasn’t for SAMSUNG Android or GOOGLE wouldn’t be worth a hill of useless beans.

    At the end of the day if Google thinks they control anything they are only fooling themselves 7 of 10 Android devices purchased worldwide are Galaxy products SAMSUNG IS ANDROID nothing else matters period.

    • eric Jannis


  • Frieda Kliewer

    I have a Galaxy Gear (1) and I can’t find any app like watch styler. What’s up with that? I’m very disappointed that the play store no longer has an app to support the watch. Any ideas?? Thanks

    Frieda Kliewer

  • Frieda Kliewer

    I have a Galaxy Gear (1) and I can’t find any app like watch styler. What’s up with that? I’m very disappointed that the play store no longer has an app to support the watch. Any ideas?? Thanks

  • Gear 1 Owner

    Owned the Gear 1 since it came out. Flashed Null Rom when it was available and enjoyed that. Flashed a UK version of Tizen that has been out for months and have run that (I live in USA). Looked at the USA version today, was going to download it, but stopped when I saw that the USA version is older (2.2.0 verses than my current UK version. No love from Sammy for the USA.

    Also the Samsung Gear Tizen App store is really confusing. If you own a Gear 1 and are not on a Galaxy S5 or Note 3, you only see a few Tizen apps in the store. If your phone is rooted and you change your build.prop file so that it looks like you are using an S5 then the app store has a vast selection of apps. What is Samsung doing?? The average users are really frustrated. Why would they go through the trouble of upgrading the older Gear 1 to Tizen and then in most case not allow original Gear 1 owners to use 90% of the available Tizen Apps.

    Many Tizen App developers have shared their frustration over this. If you are not afraid to root your phone and edit system files then the Tizen upgrade will be good for you. If you are the average Gear 1 user then you will switch to Tizen and suddenly find that most of you favorite apps are no longer available to you. Sammy forgot to mention that in their big press release today.

  • vitriolix

    If they offered an upgrade to Android Wear I’d buy one

  • jnk

    Downloaded it last night, even though I had no complaints with the previous Android-based firmware. (Couldn’t get Kies 3 to see my Gear at first, despite hours of trying, until I finally tried using the specific USB cable that came from Samsung instead of a similar off-brand replacement cable. I have no idea why that would make any difference.) So far I love Tizen. Much more customizable than the previous firmware. Better apps. Smoother operation. Feels more responsive to the touch. The schedule app allows me to go forward and backward (for days to come and days past) and allows me to see several entries from my Google calendar at once and to scroll down to see more. The app for customizing the watch face is absolutely amazing, in my opinion–easy to use and a blast to put whatever I want on my watch face. So far I’m fiddling with it too much to see any battery-life improvements. Personally, I’m happy Samsung gave me the option to switch. It’s a nice gesture for a company that size that could easily leverage me into buying newer hardware to get the benefits of the newer software. Other than the blasted Kies frustrations, I am a very happy customer.