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Verizon’s HTC One remix to allegedly launch July 24th

HTC One Remix Verizon

It’s been quite a while since HTC announced the One Mini 2. The device is the little brother to the HTC One (M8), though with far worse specs and a body that isn’t too much smaller than the original device. However, US customers have been waiting for the device to show up stateside, and so far it hasn’t.

We’ve seen the HTC One remix a million times now. It’s literally an HTC One Mini 2 rebranded for Verizon, complete with giant logo on the back and an ugly, asymmetrical logo on the front replacing the HTC logo. Why the name was changed isn’t clear but the hardware hasn’t changed at all. And according to @evleaks, the device will be launching this Thursday, July¬†24th.

If you’re interested in purchasing the HTC One remix, that will be your chance. Unfortunately, other networks haven’t announced anything about this phone yet. It may just be a Verizon exclusive. Do you have any interest in the One remix?

Source: @evleaks

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