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Fotor: Free, Feature-full Photo Editing

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We live in a society that lives in pictures. For better or worse, capturing the moment is a ubiquitous pastime. So, if you’re gonna do something, you might as well do it well. For image capture, a good photo editor can take “doing it well” to “doing it great.” But which one to use?

There are lots of services out there that can help you Instagram your best selfie to the world. This past week, I’ve been using a free little app called Fotor to improve (or seriously mess up for the lulz) my images.

The first thing I did when I installed the app was take a picture of myself and apply every possible feature on top of each other. Obviously. Here’s that handiwork:Fotor_140336101612894

I look good. And from that moment, I was pretty hooked on Fotor.

The Good

This app is loaded with features. I really did not expect this much functionality from a free app. I’m too lazy to list out every single thing you can do with this app, but just trust me that it’s a whole hell of a lot. You can manually adjust the levels and curve or use preset filters, stickers and effects to customize your images. You can even adjust how heavily a filter or effect is applied.


Fotor_140336799130382Fotor_140336818468872The shooter software Fotor includes is full of options, too. You can set the shutter to voice activation or use the big button. You can apply a grid to the preview image. There’s a stabilizer and burst mode and a timer. Basically, whatever setup you like in a shooter, you can probably achieve it with this app.
The UI is clean, simple and easy to understand. You can access photos taken within Fotor or stored in your albums to edit. Once you’ve finished editing a photo, you’re prompted to share your image via your service of choice or return to the home screen. Pretty easy. Your mom could figure it out.

The Bad

I didn’t like the experience of using the Fotor camera as much as I liked the stock camera app. The Fotor camera felt laggier and the processing time on Burst mode was substantial. That’s only a minor annoyance, because you can always capture the image with whatever shooter experience you prefer and edit the images using Fotor after the fact. So, whatever. You can’t always have it all, and you already get a lot out of this free app.








Fotor is clearly targeting a younger crowd, based on some of these stickers. It would be super cool if you could import your own stickers to use with Fotor. But for now, the included collection is extensive and pretty fun.

The Outcome

This is a fully loaded free app that is pleasing to the eye and easy to use. I would tell my real friends to use this app. So, do it. Go play with the app. Be cool like me and make yourself look like some kind of jacked-up minion from Despicable Me. Then post the results in the comments section. How fugly can you make your face?


Words are hard. I word good.

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