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Runtastic announces new Orbit Tracker to help you stay fit

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The folks at Runtastic have decided to throw their proverbial hat into the Fitness wearable ring with the addition of the Orbit Fitness Tracker. This new device tracks not only steps and distance, but active minutes and sleep. The new Runtastic Me app tracks the data from the Orbit tracker and is available for Android and iOS. The Orbit Tracker will cost $119 and ships on August 11. See the full press release below:

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Runtastic Enters Wearable Market with Industry-Leading Hardware & Compatible App

Today Runtastic — an innovative suite of apps, products and services that track and manage health and fitness data to motivate individuals to get in shape, stay healthy and improve overall fitness — released the highly-anticipated Runtastic Orbit. Orbit is a 24-hour tracking device that allows users to track their daily movements, fitness activities and sleep cycles. In combination with the just-released Runtastic Me app, Orbit further expands the Runtastic Ecosystem and is the first Runtastic hardware product geared towards “anyone and everyone,” regardless of an individual’s affinity for sports or fitness.

“Orbit was crafted with a diverse audience of users in mind,” said Florian Gschwandtner, CEO and Co-Founder of Runtastic. “We see a market with pent-up demand and a desire for an easy-to-use, reliable tracking product. So whether people simply want to become more familiar with their daily habits, track their sleep patterns and cycles, or achieve specific goals, such as burning more calories or completing a certain number of steps each day, Orbit is the perfect tool to help users improve their lives.”

Runtastic Orbit Features & Functionality

Runtastic Orbit boasts a wide variety of features and functionalities that set it apart from the competition. Orbit tracks Steps, Active Minutes, Calories Burned, Sleep Cycles, Goals and Ambient Lighting. Other features include an OLED Display, Time & Alarm and Bluetooth Smart Technology. It is also waterproof up to 300 feet.

“We recognize consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to wearables,” said Gschwandtner. “For that reason, our team was especially meticulous about putting together a unique feature set that brings together the ‘best of the best.’ Our goal is to provide users with tracking data plus context in order to inspire them to optimize their behaviors and overall lifestyles.”

In addition to broad, top-quality functionality, Orbit also provides users with versatility. The device comes with a clip (black) and two wristbands (black and blue), allowing users to make use of Orbit on their wrist, attached to their waistband or even affixed to a more discreet location, such as an undershirt or bra. Six additional colored wristbands are also available for purchase.

Orbit Connect

Runtastic Orbit offers users of the flagship Runtastic app a practical, second screen during their fitness activities via the Orbit Connect feature. Orbit Connect allows data collected by the Runtastic app to be viewed on the Orbit display, improving the ease of viewing real-time activity details during a run, walk or bike ride. In the future, additional Runtastic apps will utilize the Orbit Connect feature, making the wearable a truly ideal companion for everyday movements and planned fitness activities.

Runtastic Me App

Orbit’s tracking capabilities and data output are made even more robust by the compatible Runtastic Me app and greater Runtastic Ecosystem. Data generated by Runtastic Orbit syncs wirelessly with the Runtastic Me app, allowing users to view data on the Orbit display, within the Me app and on The clean, modern design of the new app also provides users with detailed statistics, including Steps, Distance, Active Minutes and Calories Burned.

Where to Purchase Runtastic Orbit

For the first time, U.S. customers can purchase Runtastic hardware from the Runtastic Online Shop. Runtastic Orbit and other hardware will also be available in retail stores soon.

Are you interested in this? Or, do you think the market is getting over saturated with wearable fitness devices?

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  • meh

    There are enough step trackers without continuous HRM capability. Heart rate is a much more valuable measure of the amount of exercise (cardio) I’m getting on a daily and per-workout basis than the number of steps I’ve taken, which is largely meaningless. My Mio Link paired with a decent fitness tracking app gives me the best of all words any how since most track distance, speed and various other vitals along with heart-rate giving me a much more comprehensive picture of my fitness achievements and status. In the perfect world what I would like to see is a wrist-wearable HRM much like the Mio that has better battery life and is part of a fully fledged “native” ecosystem that is low cost – and sure – it can count steps too for what it’s worth, which is little IMO.

  • charlie88

    That’s my problem with Runtastic: they’re so greedy. I love their app, but I refuse to pay extra to see how fast I went or for other basic features. And the prices are faulty high and subscription based. That’s kinda ridiculous, IMO.

    Now again with this watch, a step tracker for $119 dollars? You could almost buy an Android Wear watch for that price (on eBay or Amazon, with some rebates or the rumoured ASUS smartwatch?). Anyways, it’s just too expensive.

    • charlie88


  • P Arm

    It appears that you can only track steps from the orbit for one week with the Me App. Is there another way to track daily steps for more than 7 days?