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Swing Copters is the next game that will make you want to smash your phone into pieces

Swing Copters

Flappy Bird probably should not have been as popular as it was, but that’s just how this crazy world works sometimes. It just so happened to catch on at just the right time, in just the right way, to skyrocket to a level of success no one could have predicted. Since being pulled from the market by developer Dong Nguyen due to its obsessive nature, the world has waited for a sequel. Today, Swing Copters is available on Google Play. And it will make you mad as hell.

Swing Copters is very frustrating. The graphics are a similar to Flappy Bird, a sort of SNES-era style retro look, and the controls are just as simple. But Swing Copters is much harder. In Swing Copters, you must navigate upwards swinging left and right while dodging hammers that attached to green beams. The consensus online seems to be that getting even a couple points is ridiculously hard. Personally I cannot got past two points. But I haven’t given up yet.

You can download Swing Copters on Google Play now, but user beware: Android and Me is not responsible for any destroyed devices or ripped out hair. Good luck, and be sure to post your scores below.


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