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With Blur launcher replacement, your apps are your home screen

blur launcher replacement

Perhaps the best thing about Google’s Google Now Launcher is, well, quick access to Google Now. The always on service is always available, just one screen to the left of your default homepage. As much as we love Google Now, we can’t help but think how great it would be if other apps and services could be accessed like this. Enter Blur, a new launcher replacement from Klinker – the folks who brought you Evolve SMS and Talon – that builds on the ideas behind the Google Now Launcher.

Available now on Google Play, Blur is a launcher replacement that aims to make your home screen more useful than ever before. Where the Google Now Launcher gives you quick access to Google Now via a dedicated home screen page, Blur wants to let any app do that. The team behind Blur, Klinker Apps, has created an API that goes along with Blur and allows any app developer to make a dedicated home screen page for their app. One of the examples Klinker shows in the demo for Blur is for its own Talon Twitter client. By simply swiping to the right from the default homepage, you’re taken into a full featured app-like experience with all of the features that are normally available in the Talon app. Klinker also demoes pages for Evolve SMS and a calculator, among others.

Along with the main feature of expanding on the ideas Google introduced with the Google Now Launcher, Blur features a ton of other options like custom icons, the ability to display an unread notification count and more. Right now the home page replacement app options are limited, but Blur has only just launched today. If the Android community picks up on Blur like it has with apps like DashClock, Blur could be one of the best things to happen to Android in a long time.


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  • Gabriel

    I tried it, and it’s a good concept but I feel like it’s half-baked. The animations are slow too. Compared to all the other launchers, even Google Now, it’s very slow, and just feels too much like Google Now without the simplicity or speed.

  • renyo

    But its too complicated… 4 swipes is pushing it! :(

  • Mstt

    Is it that hard to tap an icon or open an app… Seems Android people always looking for ways to tinker just because. Seems ridiculous

    • Ryan

      That’s precisely what we love about Android. The ability to tinker and find something different and/or unique.