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Acer launches new Chromebook 13 with 1080p display and Tegra K1 processor

Acer Chromebook 13 (Gradient)

Acer is launching a new 13-inch Chromebook that’s aiming to beat out the competition. The Acer Chromebook 13 is the company’s latest move in the increasingly popular Chromebook market. With its sights set on upcoming students, the Chromebook 13 offers a great mix of power and capability for media, making it great for life in and out of class. Two screen resolutions are offered, a 1366×768 resolution or a 1920×1080 full HD resolution. The lower-res model is $279, but at $20 more for the 1080p model, it’s a no-brainer as to which one you should buy.

Both resolutions come with a 16GB SSD and 2GB RAM. For $379, however, the 1080p model can be yours with a boosted 32GB SSD and 4GB RAM. Both models contain NVIDIA’s powerful Tegra K1 chip inside, making for a faster, more efficient Chromebook than others on the market. NVIDIA is touting the Tegra K1 as being perfect for the Chromebook 13 by using a quad-core layout as well as having a powerful GPU. Multi-tasking tests have shown the Tegra K1 to be quite proficient at handling lots of tasks thrown at it. Tests and benchmarks have shown that the Tegra K1 chip in the Chromebook 13 is faster than both Intel and Samsung chips in other Chromebooks.


The design of the Acer Chromebook 13 is a departure from Acer’s past Chromebooks, which have been large plastic monsters. The body of the Chromebook 13 is 0.71-inches thick and the weight clocks in at just under three and a half pounds, making it light and portable. A full-size keyboard and trackpad can be found in addition to an HDMI port and two USB 3.0 ports. Thanks to the Tegra K1 processor, the Acer Chromebook 13 is fanless and runs silently. Battery life is where the laptop really shines, as the lower-res model promises an astonishing 13 hours of battery life. The 1080p model takes a slight hit down to a still generous 11 hours of battery life. No matter the configuration, Acer looks to have a hit on its hands with the Chromebook 13.

Pre-order the lower-res model here.

Pre-order the fully-specced 1080p model here.

Via: The Verge

Source: NVIDIA

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  • Andre

    I wish someone offered a backlit keyboard like the Chrome Pixel

  • seven2k

    Wonder if you can do the same stuff you can do on a shield? That would be awesome.

  • Dima Aryeh

    Hmm, I’m interested in the 1080p model. Seems perfect for travel.

    • jamal adam

      I definitely agree. I currently use the Acer C720 and love it but have felt that I needed a 1080p 13″ version and this might just be the one and it also goes a long way that it’s also 4gb of RAM.

  • Aleks

    Is it only me, or did anyone else see the commercial?

    It seems like it has a touch screen, when the guys are walking around in the forest, and also when pressing “Play” in a video. If this is true, I´d love to upgrade my Chromebook from Samsung.

    Either way, when I look at the specs at it doesn’t say anything about touch, but the multi-gesture touchpad.