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Android One devices rumored to come next month at higher price than expected

Android One

Android One was touted as Google’s new standard for the budget smartphone, a reference platform for companies to make good devices for really low prices. In fact, it was said that Android One devices would be released in India for sub-$100 prices with stock Android and quick updates. While many of us don’t much care for budget devices, this move is a huge deal.

However, rumors claim that initial Android One devices won’t meet that price point. Due to some demands by Google about quality of hardware, prices for these devices will be around the $115-165 point. This may be due to Android L’s higher hardware requirements, despite the devices launching with Android 4.4.4.

However, these devices might be coming sooner than expected. Instead of October, we may be looking at an early September launch in India. They will be updated to Android L sometime in October as well. While these aren’t quite the sub-$100 devices we were expecting, it’s still an impressive price point to shoot for and Android One is a solid business strategy. Maybe the second batch of devices released under the program will be cheaper.

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Source: The Economic Times

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  • tmihai20

    Google realized that cutting corners won’t do. Good for them. These devices won’t be useful for emerging countries only, I would buy one for an older person (I bought a Desire 310 dual sim for my father) or for someone in need of a cheap, but good smartphone (like a teenager).

    • Bart

      I can understand where your experience with “older” people may be that they are technologically challenged, however that doesn’t reflect the reality in more general terms. I’m in my 60s, have worked in the tech industries for decades, and prefer higher end toys. Unlike ads toting youth teaching their elders, it is usually me teaching those younger how to fully use their devices. I am not alone. Many of my peers use CLIP devices (Communication, Life-mgmt, Information Portal devices). Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Waz & many others are not from your gen, they’re from mine. (Although, I’d never accuse Jobs of actually being a tech.)

      • fab

        don’t think he was talking about people like you (if i may say so). but the majority of older people who didn’t grow up with tech gadgets. my father also doesn’t care, my mother is happy with her S3 mini, and i know many of my uncles/aunts in their late 60s/70s happy with their smartphone which wasn’t expensive. they don’t care about multi-core, high framerates in games etc. so a cheap smartphone for telegram, whatsapp, skype etc is totally fine

      • tmihai20

        In my country you won’t see older people with smartphones unless they got them from their sons/daughters who upgraded. You also worked in the IT industry, it is normal to feel comfortable with one. Gates, Jobs and Waz have been working in the industry and are not like most people.

  • masterpfa

    SImilar to the Nexus 7, Google have decided to move the Budget device ‘Up market’
    Even at these price point still a good buy I would imagine

  • thel0nerang3r

    The high end of the range ($165) is not far off from the Moto G