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AT&T HTC One (M8) receives update to 4.4.3, includes many fixes


If you’re the owner of an AT&T-branded HTC One (M8), prepare for a new update! Your carrier is now rolling out an Android 4.4.3 update to your device, which contains a bunch of fixes and improvements along with the new version of Android. And while it’s not a huge update, it brings the One (M8) closer to being fully updated, and that’s never a bad thing.

Check out the changelog:

  • Android 4.4.3
  • Security fixes
  • Wi-Fi fixes
  • Bluetooth fixes
  • Mobile network fixes
  • Camera app update
  • Gallery (Image Match)
  • Settings (Power History)
  • HTC Sync Manager
  • Boomsound optimization
  • Extreme Power Saving Mode optimization
  • Motion Launch optimization
  • Quick Setting optimization

The fixes and improvements should definitely be a nice treat for HTC One (M8) owners. Plus the treat of what is nearly the newest version of Android already makes it worth it. The update should be rolling out to everyone right now, so head to settings and check for new updates!

Via: Droid-Life

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  • Chris

    I’m downloading the update now… thanks for the info.

  • Rose

    I got the update a month ago or so I just checked I already have 4.43 and I remember getting an update a while back.

  • Fred

    As far as I’m concerned (living in Europe), I just installed it yesterday and OH SURPRISE !!! The LED is FINALLY working ! It now flashes as expected when receiving a new SMS, mail etc.

  • truth

    Don’t update its fucking up my phone with battery issues, signal and text.

  • Elio Concepcion

    I did the update. Had the battery drain problem as well as not waking from sleep and overheating. I contacted HTC and they suggested I clear the cache and, if that didn’t help, do a factory reset. Did both and most of the issues went away except for the battery drain. Chatted with an HTC tech on the net and he suggested I reset the battery manager by powering down the phone and plugging it back into the charger. After 10 minutes you hold down the volume up and down buttons as well as the power button. Keep all 3 buttons held down for about 3 minutes. You’ll see the phone go from off to showing a charging battery to off several times. After 3 minutes you release the buttons and the phone should reboot. If it doesn’t just hit the power button. I tried it and my battery is functioning totally normally again.

    Hope this helps anyone who might still be having the battery issue!!