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AT&T Moto X now receiving 4.4.4 update, get it now!

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Right on the heels of the Android 4.4.4 soak test starting its rollout for the Sprint Moto X, AT&T has released the Android 4.4.4 update to its own model of the Moto X. But you don’t have to be a participant of the soak test program to get it, because it’s available to everyone!

The update is not very significant. There’s not much included other than the security and backend fixes that are a part of the Android 4.4.4 update, though Motorola did include the option to turn off the carrier name in the status bar. That will be useful for those of you who hate seeing “AT&T” in the of your display.

If you want this update, it seems that the rollout is very wide. I got the update on my Moto X immediately, and you might too. Go to Settings > About phone and check for updates, you may very well get it on your first shot. It’s a bit big, so there might be something cool waiting for us as well. Let us know how it goes!

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  • Clifton Keathley

    I bought a moto x (xt1058) from swappa. Said it was ATT with no markings. Come to find out it’s got a Claro Puerto Rico firmware. I have found all the firmwares. Could I just sbf the att firware and all be fine? Thanks

  • Lissy

    Android inc should get their act together, they are trailing Apple by 3.6 versions now.
    Apple leading the way with version 8.

    • jerrbomb

      Umm.. Your comparing Android to Apple? Sounds like trolling to me the way you’re going about it.. Listen.. We know that Apple has been around for some time.. It’s apparent that their current OS iteration would be higher in numbers (version wise) than Android due to their seniority in that particular field.. But that has nothing to do with getting their act together.. In fact.. Android has gotten their act together.. And if it disappoints you so much that they are ahead like that then go jump ship and stop your damn complaining and know what your talking about before trolling on an Android site… Jesus.. Can’t people get their ish right these days.. If your gonna troll do it right… Now go in a corner and face palm yourself..

      Carry on..

      • Shanners

        How do we turn off the ATT logo on the moto X att 4.4.4?

        • SGB101

          Just like PlayStation 4 is 3 versions ahead of the Xbox One. Witch is strange as Xbox was 357 versions ahead of the ps3.

          How did Microsoft blow such a lead.

    • Dima Aryeh

      Solid logic, expert trolling. 10/10.

      • jerrbomb

        Solid logic and expert trolling a 10? Really..? Gave them a ten?… Smh

    • Michael Baker

      Android inc? What company is that? Oh you meant Google. Sorry I must have forgot that ignorant people speak/type without getting factual information. Also… Version numbers have nothing to do with the advancement of one software product vs. another. Thats like saying Hyundai’s Elantra is better than BMW’s new 4 series cars because there are more iterations or its been out longer. Please don’t post anymore. Anywhere on the internet. Ever. Better yet. Don’t speak either. Kthanks.

      • Lissy

        You are very rude. Not all people are Android inc/Google experts and elitists. Insulting people makes you ignorant as well.

        • jerrbomb

          You know I will say that I was just being me so take no offense to me judging the troll part.. Just defending good ole Android…

  • Shanners

    How do I turn the ATT logo off???

  • All4Him78

    Go to settings –> More –> Mobile Network –> Uncheck Show Mobile Network.

    • SGB101

      I love you!

      My provider T-mobile merged with Orange, to become EE, my wife’s phone shows EE, but mine shoes T-mobile Orange, taking up the whole bar.

      The Moto x and g (and iPhone) are the only device that have the network on the screen. I think it’s US thing. So it was a shock to take my notification shade filled up. Empty now, thanks.

  • SGB101

    This is strange the X hasn’t got 4.4.4, when the G has for a while now. Mind you the G never for 4.4.3 in the uk
    And went from. 2 to. 4.

  • Isaac C

    I am sure Lissy is trolling.

    • Lissy

      What does this mean?

  • wellinever

    Since latest update I can’t for the life of me see how big an app is on play store until I start downloading. Are my eyes painted on or has it gone?

    • wellinever

      Found it !!!!!

  • mvndaai

    I love that I don’t have to have AT&T taking up my notification space. Now all I need is for the battery to just show the number instead of the useless picture, and I will be the most happy with the look.

    • Ron

      Mvndaai:Get one of the battery apps – I use Battery Widget Reborn pro, it gives me a number in the status bar; I’m sure there are others… I agree the moto “battery picture” isn’t very useful.

  • abhinav

    Should I update my moto x with 4.4.4 is there battery problem