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Dropbox just got really competitive again


Dropbox was once the undisputed king of cloud storage, but competition has become fierce. Rival services can finally stand up Dropbox’s infrastructure and offer a ton of storage for next to nothing. But Dropbox isn’t willing to sit idly by and hand over the crown just yet.

Dropbox has announced an update to its Pro service that puts it right in line with its competition’s pricing and adds a handful of useful new features to boot. From here on out, Dropbox users can pay just $9.99 a month for 1TB of cloud storage or $99 for a full year. That not only matches, and in some cases beats, some of Dropbox’s cheapest competitors. And that doesn’t include the new security features that put Dropbox well ahead of the competition.

For those of you who have been wishing for more control over your shared files, Dropbox’s new sharing features will sound like music to your ears:

  • Passwords for shared links create an additional layer of security so only people with the password can access your link.
  • Expirations for shared links safeguard your sensitive files by letting you set how long your links stay up.
  • View-only permissions for shared folders let you pick whether recipients can edit or just view files within your shared folder.

On top of the new sharing features, Dropbox has also announced a remote wipe feature to wipe local files but keep them backed up through Dropbox.

If you’ve been on the fence with who to commit to as a cloud storage provider, Dropbox just made a very compelling move. Those already locked into service like Google Drive or Copy might not be willing to make the move just yet, but the argument is now there. Yesterday, not so much.


Source: Dropbox

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  • Jason

    Given how Google Drive comes integrated with Google Docs I’d say Drive is still the better value

    • Chris

      Not everyone uses Google Docs… I prefer MS Office.

      I personally think Dropbox is a much better solution, especially with the free storage upgrades you receive from referrals. After the Samsung tablet promo and upgrades I’ve received from all the referrals, I have around 117GB of space on Dropbox… while my Google Drive is still stuck at the default 15GB.

      • SGB101

        Office 365 is a better option for you than Bro box, same price for 5 office licences his same space. (also can be accessed by 5 people so 5x1tb space).

        I think db is being squeeze to death now may not be long for this world. A big pivot is need or sale.

        All my free BD space has slowly dropped off 100+ gb down to 7gb, as I took great advantage of the copy . com referral I have 250gb+ space there, but I think they will Suffer the same as db at some point.

        Ms, Google and Amazon, can sell you space for cheap(or give you) , as they are selling an ecosystem, Dropbox etc just won’t be able to compete.

        Whatever you do don’t use only one service, have multiple, unrelated accounts, so if one messes up* you have another copy.

        *far less likely to mess up than you /me on out internal hdd, but you could be come band from your account for an infringement etc. Double up.

        • BlazeHN

          This is curious, currently I’am uploading my pictures via Dropbox and Drive at the same time for “mistake” and then I just let it happen saying “i will fix it some of this days”. Now that you mention it then maybe its a good thing that my pictures are being backup via two cloud services at the same time…

          • SGB101

            Definitely. But I’d swap out the Dropbox for Flickr’s free 1tb option.