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Fleksy keyboard updated with support for Arabic, Chinese beta, new premium themes

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Popular third-party keyboard Fleksy is slated to receive a major update today that will add support for Arabic and Chinese, opening the app up for a massive worldwide expansion, as well as some new premium themes.

Arabic language support has been Fleksy’s number one most requested feature at over 100,000 requests. To say there is a strong desire for the language to be added would be an understatement. But as big as adding support for Arabic is, Fleksy has even bigger news to announce today. Running on a Xiaomi Mi3, Fleksy has demoed how its keyboard will work with Chinese.

China has one of the largest mobile markets in the world. Releasing Fleksy not only in Chinese, but proving that it runs on a Mi3 from the most popular manufacturer in China, shows Fleksy means business.

Also available in the latest update is the addition of four new premium themes. The themes are titled Key Lime, Sunflower, Sun Kiss, and Blood Red. You can probably guess what they will look like in action.

The update to Fleksy with Arabic support is available in Google Play now, and if you’d like, you can register for an early release of the Chinese beta as well. Happy typing!



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