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Google Glass TOS removes mentions of beta, adds to price section


Things with Google Glass have been a bit quiet recently thanks to Android Wear and the Moto 360 stealing the spotlight. However, the smart glasses are still being worked on and awaiting a full release. And thanks to the latest changes to the Terms of Service, we know that the launch is getting closer.

Inside the new TOS, all mentions of “beta” have been removed. This suggests that the official launch is coming soon and replacing the current crop of testing products. Another change is the updated “Prices and Taxes” section, which talks about getting a refund if the price of Google Glass goes down within 30 days of your purchase, along with sales and promotions that may happen in the future.

If Google Glass is really getting close to launch, I’m hoping Google gets some hype going as many people have forgotten about the device altogether. If the price is dropped significantly, I can see quite a few people buying it and the device going far more mainstream. I’m excited for the launch!

Via: Droid-Life

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  • aranea

    I want one but come on I can’t drop $1500 that easily. I’d rather get moto 360 for $250 unless the Glass drops around $500.

  • Tony Giorgianni