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Google Now Launcher now compatible with any device on Android 4.1 or higher


Google let its Google Now Launcher loose in the Play Store way back in early February, but the only people that could actually download it were owners of Nexus and Google Play edition hardware. That’s finally changing today, as most anyone can now GNL-ify their Android device.

Google today updated the Google Now Launcher to make it compatible with any Android device running Jelly Bean version 4.1 or higher. That means that most any Android user can now give their device a touch of Nexus and also gain quick access to Google Now with a swipe right from the home screen.

There have certainly been ways to get the Google Now Launcher on your Android device in the past, including sideloading the app or using another third-party launcher to achieve the similar look. It’s awesome to see that Google has finally given users an official method of installing the Google Now Launcher, though, providing Android users with an attractive and speedy new launcher experience.

You can snag the Google Now Launcher by clicking on the Google Play widget below. Happy downloading, friends!


Source: @Android

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  • mel

    well thats great news i can finally get rid of my nexus 5 and get a g3 and still have this feature . the only thing holding me back was that.

    • charlie88

      “Swipe right vs. swipe up” was holding you back?

  • charlie88

    I actually enjoy the swiping to the right to get to Now, but if you really think about it: it’s more consistent that you can always swipe up from any screen to get to Google Now. I guess on the homescreen of GNL you have the added option of swiping yo the right. “So?”

    It does load faster I think, but that’s probably just because Now is kept in memory or something Sith GNL? Anyways, it’s an extra option I guess.