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Google Workshop leaked, allows customized cases for Nexus 5

Google Workshop Main

It looks like Google’s accessory game is about to get real strong. Previously, first party accessory was pretty weak from Google. Even now, all we have are a few cases that aren’t particularly great. But with the latest leak, Google seems to be planning something very big for interested customers.

The leaked service is called Google Workshop, and it will allow you to create your own custom cases for the Nexus 5. Whether it will debut for the Nexus 5 or not is unknown, but it’s being tested that way. Inside Google Workshop, you’ll have a few options for designing your own case.

There’s the MapMe option, which will help you design your case from a map of a chosen location. You’ll get to choose positioning, colors, text and more to make it look just right. Map cases have always interested me, and this might actually take it to the next level. These cases will come with a live wallpaper of the map that will show interactive location-specific information.

Moments will allow you to select a photo for the case, along with an editing suite to get the photo looking just right. Same deal as with MapMe–text and colors are all selectable and customizable. The accompanying live wallpaper seems to just be a slideshow type of wallpaper.

There isn’t much information available on Workshop, like a release date or device compatibility. We don’t know what’s in store for us, and that’s kinda exciting. Google looks to have built a cool concept, especially with MapMe. It’s a lot like Moto Maker for accessories. Are you interested in such a system? Leave a comment!

Source: Android Police

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  • Dan

    This would have been totes sweet to have when the Nexus 5 launched… as opposed to 10 months later when its successor is already widely rumored to be imminent.

    This is actually, in essence, just another example of Google’s accessory support for the Nexus line being miserable.

    • Nate B.

      It might be for the future Nexus as well.

  • Doug

    Totes sweet? English motherfucker, do you speak it?

    • Dan

      Sorry, next comment I’ll be sure to throw in a played-out quote from a crappy movie.

    • Dan

      And maybe when you post your next comment, you’ll actually understand how replies work!

  • Chris

    Yes. I would love to do one. I’d do a picture. But which one?

  • duffguy123

    I wonder if you could do images from the internet, not just one taken with the phone’s camera. I’m guessing no because I’m sure there’s something with copyrights and all that noise…

  • Daniel

    I think this would be a great idea. Curious how expensive it will be though.


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