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Google’s Project Wing is making drone delivery a reality

project wing

Google has finally revealed the next big project to come out of its Google X labs: Project Wing.

Project Wing is Google’s totally Googly and totally autonomous take on drone delivery. Under development for the last two years now in the more drone friendly, “progressive” Australian countryside, Project Wing has the brightest minds at Google tackling the problem of moving small items from one area to another.

According to Google, they see the information and prototypes to come out of Project Wing being first used in emergency situations. When resources are running low, travel is dangerous and emergency supplies are needed, Google’s Project Wing drones would swoop in to the rescue. Things like defibrillators, water cleansing supplies, emergency blankets and more would all be delivered automatically, without the need for human control, to any destination.

The drones Google is using weigh roughly 20 pounds including package weight and feature four electrically-driven propellers. They have a “blended wing” design, “where the entire body of the aircraft provides lift.” They can fly horizontally or vertically with the benefits of a plane and a helicopter. And they can cover more area than the drones currently available on the market.

Google says they can eventually see Project Wing being used with consumer goods, but they’re still a couple years away from a real, usable product. To check out Project Wing in action, watch the video below.

Source: BBC

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