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HP partners with Michael Bastian, Gilt for luxury smartwatch

HP Smartwatch

Tech giant HP is teaming up with designer Michael Bastian and luxury retailer Gilt in an effort to create a luxury smartwatch. The luxury smartwatch will reportedly feature a round display, 44mm stainless steel case and three interchangeable watchbands of black rubber, brown leather and olive nylon. From the concept design, we can see three physical buttons on the side, indicating that they will be used to navigate software. HP has confirmed that it will be supplying the software and that the watch will be compatible with both Android and iOS, confirming that the watch will not run Android Wear.

The design of HP’s upcoming smartwatch takes cues from luxury automobiles. Influences can be seen in its heavy, masculine design that features dark, warm colors and exposed metal bolts. Specifics about availability and pricing haven’t been announced, but if you’re looking to purchase, you may want to start saving now. HP has also said that the watch will hopefully be ready by this fall, but that’s a pretty big timetable. In the meantime, you can find us drooling over its gorgeous design.

HP Smartwatch (2)

Via: Engadget

Source: Gilt

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  • MyMilan

    By far the best looking iWatch so far. Really surprised that it’s coming from HP. The fact that it’s both Android and iOS compatible is a stroke of genius. Looking forward to seeing this one.

    • SGB101

      whats with the ‘i’ , it shouls be sWatch for ‘Smart’, or aWatch for ‘Android’, but not iWatch!

      im just looking out for you, you dont want an apple lawsuit after you.

  • Karan

    Visit here for more app

  • SGB101

    this watch is nice, not the nicest ive seen (there is a one on kickstarter nicer), but that to is just a concept at this point. this one has bigger backers.

    however, i was slightly excited with the smartwarch idea, especially with the advent of the moto renders, but lately between android and chrome os and browser, i cant see any space in my life for a watch.

    when im out on my bike i use an old device (htc desire) for mp3/pod-casts and gps, a watch could do this, but it is expensive so suffers the same as my current phone, hence i use an old device.