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HTC teams up to release HTC One (M8) Phunk Studio Edition

HTC One (M8) Phunk Studio Edition

HTC has teamed up with Singapore’s Phunk Studio design-house to create the masterpiece that you see above, the HTC One (M8) Phunk Studio Edition. Drawing from the already great design of the HTC One (M8), the Phunk Studio Edition provides an etched design on the aluminum back of the HTC One (M8). The design is intended to reflect wonderment, though whether that shown through in the final product is debatable. Whatever the inspiration, the design only enhances the beauty of the One (M8).

HTC and Phunk Studio are only producing 64 of these models, and it functions as a taster for Phunk Studio’s upcoming exhibition. The studio is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and the HTC One (M8) Phunk Studio Edition provides a perfect example of its gorgeous work. HTC hasn’t mentioned availability details, but we’re pretty sure that this phone is inside the realm of “if you have to ask.”

Show Press Release

First partnership in HTC’s 2014 design collaboration programme ‘Here’s to Creativity’

LONDON, Aug. 14, 2014 — HTC, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, has teamed up with design power house PHUNK, the internationally acclaimed, Singapore-based contemporary art and design collective, to create a limited edition version of the award-winning HTC One (M8) handset. The campaign, which launches on Aug. 14, 2014, will see 64 bespoke handsets specially created to provide a sneak preview of the collective’s upcoming exhibition, which will take place throughout Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong in 2014.

Renowned for its commitment to outstanding design, HTC’s collaboration with PHUNK champions the world’s best design and creative talent. To deliver the bespoke creations, PHUNK and the design team at HTC worked together to explore the ideas of Wonderment, taking inspiration from surroundings, culture and the society in which we live – all of which complement HTC’s focus on creating original, spirited and intuitive design.

Jonah Becker, Head of HTC Design said: “At HTC we are always looking for inspiration from designers and artists across all cultures and media. PHUNK is a hugely talented collective of designers and artists whose global perspective and attention to craft mirrors our values on the HTC design team. Their work responds to the world around them in the same way we design for the attitudes and behaviors we see in people during our creative process. We worked closely with PHUNK to integrate their interpretation of the ‘Wonderment’ theme into the metal unibody of the HTC One (M8), culminating in an exceptional piece of art that is an inspiration to our team and those who will be lucky enough to own one.”

Jackson Tan, Co-Founder of PHUNK said: “We’re celebrating our 20th year in the industry so we were really excited to be involved in something that allows us to further spread our creativity in areas we haven’t yet explored, when it comes to innovation in technology. The design created for the HTC One (M8) gives a snapshot of our forthcoming exhibition, which is inspired by, and is an interpretation of, the world around us. It’s the first time anyone has been able to cast their eyes on what’s to come from our art and design collective, and we are excited to share our passion for cultural spirit, love, joy and magic.”

The limited edition PHUNK design is featured exclusively on the HTC One (M8) – the ultimate in advanced, premium mobile design. The handset sports a high-resolution, 5″ screen, wrapped in a sophisticated metal unibody. The intelligent HTC Sense® 6 software experience brings the beautiful exterior design of the HTC One (M8) to the inside, and HTC BlinkFeedâ„¢ collates bite-size news updates on to the users’ home screen. As well as this, stunning images are just a snap away, thanks to the new Duo Camera and the HTC UltraPixelâ„¢ sensor which allows stunning images to be captured in any light. The partnership with PHUNK follows on from the success of HTC’s previous limited edition handsets including British fashion designer David Koma.

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  • pekosROB

    Not impressed. Looks cool, but probably not worth the money to me at least. Neat that HTC is doing collaborations like this though.

  • Steve

    It’s nice to see HTC, LG, and Sony take up so much of Samsung’s business. Samsung helped these great company’s by not changing the look of their device and the software that goes with it. Too me, the 5s is the least impressive out of the m8,g3, and z2

  • Steve

    The phone looks cool, but I see what happens to phones without cases on them