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Huawei to release cat phone at IFA 2014?


Huawei has just released its IFA 2014 teaser, hinting at what the company has to announce at this year’s show. Complete with four images made out of stars, we can only come to one conclusion about what Huawei will announce at IFA 2014. A cat phone. Or a phone for driving cats. Or a phone for securely driving and calculating the amount of cats you have.

The four images contained in Huawei’s IFA 2014 teaser are of a safe with a fingerprint on it, a gear stick for a car, a slim-bezeled device with a calculator app and an equation that equals .83 and six cats. As for what we really think the images mean, Huawei clearly has something in store for us that will utilize a fingerprint scanner for security, it will have some sort of hands-free automobile integration, will probably come with some sort of measurement that involves the number .83 and, well, we have no idea what the cats mean.

This is your chance to shine, Android and Me commenters. What do you think the Huawei’s IFA 2014 teaser means? Let us know below.

Source: Android Central

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  • Brando

    I’m guessing the cats refer to Cat.6 LTE

  • Ray

    Fingerprint scanner, 8 core, not sure about 83/100 (weight, spewed, measurements?) & cat 6 LTE.

  • BlazeHN

    I like turtles.

  • Perry

    .83 may be the device thickness. There is a small ray in the star image for that extending left from the corner of the device, possibly representing the third dimension for thickness.

  • A/Z

    Fingerprint scanner;
    8 cores;
    83% screen to surface ratio;
    Cat6 LTE.