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iFixit tangos with Project Tango tablet, not a worthy repair partner

iFixit Project Tango Tablet

iFixit has performed one of its usual teardowns on an unusual device, Google’s prototype Project Tango tablet. Project Tango is Google’s initiative to create a device that uses 3D mapping to render the world around you in software. As such, there’s some pretty interesting hardware inside the Project Tango tablet. iFixit got their hands on one and gave it a standard teardown treatment, ultimately finding that the Project Tango tablet had some pretty complex innards and isn’t going to be an easy one for consumers to repair.

iFixit awarded the Project Tango tablet a score of 4/10, which is quite low. You have to realize, however, this is a prototype device that’s running unlike any other tablet. As such, it makes sense that there lots of cables and a whole lot of proprietary parts. If you want feast your eyes on┬áthe whole teardown, follow the source link below.

Source: iFixit

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