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Latest comScore numbers show Android still leading US market share


The latest market share numbers from analytics outfit comScore are available today, which means it’s time to take our regular three month look at how Android is doing in the US mobile market. Today it’s mostly good news for Android as a whole, and of course for worldwide leader Samsung.

When it comes to overall US market share, Android now holds 51.9 percent of the US market. While that is a 0.3 percent decline over the three months period ending in March, Android still leads second place holder Apple, who holds 42.1 percent of the market now, a 0.7 percent increase over previous numbers.

As for OEMs, Apple is dominating, but Samsung isn’t far behind. Samsung now holds 28.6 percent of the overall market, followed by LG with 6.4 percent, Motorola with 5.9 percent and HTC with 4.8 percent. Off all the OEMs to grace the top five in overall marketshare, Samsung saw the biggest change in numbers with a 1.6 percent increase.

comScore also shared some interesting app usage numbers today. According to comScore, 73.6 percent of smartphones users in the US who are 18 years old and up use Facebook on their phone. Comparatively, only 21.7 percent are using Twitter and 20.3 percent Google+. We knew a lot of people were always using Facebook, but this really puts that into perspective.

Source: comScore

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