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LG G Watch charging cradle up on Play Store for a whopping $20

LG G Watch cradle Play Store

It’s always nice to have a few chargers for your devices. Whether you travel and need an extra to take with you, or you break your main one and can’t be stuck without a charger, it’s great to have the option of owning a few. And with Android, the chargers are always micro USB so the cables are cheap and plentiful. However, smart watches are not quite that convenient.

Despite running Android, the current Android Wear watches both use proprietary charging methods. The Samsung Gear Live has a special cradle that snaps around your watch, while the LG G Watch features a stationary cradle that you put your watch on with pins sticking out to make contact. But if you damage the LG G Watch charger, you can now get a spare from the Play Store.

The charger is identical to the one that comes with the watch and comes with a USB cable, though no wall adapter. It costs $19.99, which is very high but expected for a proprietary charger. Doesn’t this just make a wonderful point for standardized charging, and maybe even Qi wireless charging? I think so. You’ll also have to shell out for shipping and tax when buying it, so expect to spend some money. Hit the source link if you need one!

Via: Android Police

Source: Play Store

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