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LG G Watch R video teaser shows that another round smartwatch is coming soon


Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch has been the subject of a lot of hype thanks to its round face, but now it looks like Moto’s not the only one that’s cooking up a circular timepiece.

The official LG Mobile Global YouTube channel has posted an unlisted video teaser for “LG’s New Wearable.” According to Engadget, the device will officially be known as the LG G Watch R. The video shows quick flashes of many different smartwatch faces and features, including a step counter and a compass.

We can’t gather too many concrete details about the LG G Watch R from this teaser, but it does promise that the unit is “coming soon @ IFA 2014,” so it won’t be long before more details are revealed. We’re just glad to see another company trying a round-faced smartwatch. It’ll be interesting to see how the G Watch R compares to the Moto 360, which will likely launch right around the same time that the G Watch R debuts.

One other detail that’s not known is what the LG G Watch R means for the original G Watch. Since the G Watch is square and the G Watch R is round, it’s possible that we could see both models stick around since their different shapes could appeal to different audiences.

Via: Engadget

Source: LG Mobile Global (YouTube)

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  • Ton Habraken

    Nice subtle stab underwater to the 360 with the perfect circle.

    • ed

      Press images often differ from the actual device. Motorola also showed off a perfect circle in their press releases.

      • mattcoz

        You obviously didn’t watch the video, they were clearly attacking the 360 by saying this will be a perfect circle. I think this looks better than the 360, perfect circle or not. Looks more like a regular watch. I’m guessing the face will be a little smaller, which is fine with me.

      • Michael

        Motorola NEVER showed off a perfect circle in any of their promotional pictures or videos. If you can’t see the bezel, look closer. It’s there.

  • surethom

    Fantastic news 2 round smart watches is a good thing, more choice for us.

    This September is a tech lovers heaven & this autumn is going to the release date for them all.

  • renyo

    I’m digging the design… I hope they don’t have a blank area like the moto 360 has at the bottom of the watch face…

  • TimB

    What people should do is try and be a designer. Try and do the design your self with one basic premise. You have to have a cable entry onto the display itself. Start by drawing a circle and then draw in the cable section. Its going to be around 10mm to enable the touch and LCD lines to enter.
    Now fit that in an enclosure of your choice. You can bend the cable as its flexible. See what happens.

    What motorola has decided to do is have as small amount of bezel as possible, including the band area. So you are limited in that the cable has to bend somewhere. In motos case its at the bottom of the circle.

    LG has decided that it will have an extended band section. This enables them to put the cable in that section.

    Before people think Moto is some how incompetent, you try and do better. It only takes a piece of paper and a pair of scissors. Show us how it can be done.