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LG G Watch update aims to address charging pin corrosion

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Any early adopter will tell you that one of the risks you take when being one of the first to buy a gadget is that you might run into some issues that weren’t found during the product’s testing. Some LG G Watch owners can attest to this firsthand, having found that the charging pins on the back of their Android Wear device have corroded and sometimes even burned their skin. Thankfully, LG says that it’s got a fix for the issue.

An LG representative has revealed that the Life’s Good crew is in the process of rolling out an update that will fix the corrosion issue that’s plaguing some G Watch owners. The rep explains that, while the corrosion is “completely safe and unlikely to affect charging,” LG has decided to update the G Watch to disable the current that runs through the charging pins when the device isn’t on its charging dock. A Google spokesperson has also confirmed these details.

Even if LG says that the buildup on the G Watch’s charging pins is safe, I’m sure that those folks that’ve been affected by the problem aren’t thrilled to see the corrosion on their month-old smartwatch. Here’s to hoping that this update does indeed correct the issue and that anyone that’s planning to buy an LG G Watch in the near future won’t have to worry about their charging pins getting corroded.

Have any of you LG G Watch owners had your charging pins corrode?

Source: Android Police

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  • Steven

    Yes, I have the pin issues, I have to scrap the pin to make it chargeable again. It’s a nightmare at all.

  • dragonhockey

    Wearable watch like LG G Watch is one of the top selling gadgets today. They are cool technology that make your travel more functional and fashionable.

  • Bart

    Perhaps LG hasn’t considered or even know about this, but there are those who are “allergic” (for lack of a better term) to metal. I am one of them. Buying a high-end device like this and then not being able to wear it because of its metal contacts would anger me to say the least.

    (I never been able to wear a wedding ring, wrist or neck bracelets or other things. Until stainless steal backs were put on watches, I couldn’t even wear those. Metal frames for my glasses have always posed a problem. The sales lady at Costco sold me a pair of titanium frames recently and assured me I would not experience problems. Despite her assurance, I do indeed have problems with strange, itchy blemishes on both temples–right where the frames rest against.)

    • charlie88

      Kinda sounds like YOU have a problem. When the space age gold iridium dragon hair alloy smartwatch comes out, you should be all set.