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Moto X will be updated to Android L

Motorola Moto X

When it comes to Motorola hardware, much of the recent news has been on the unannounced Moto X+1. Today it’s time to talk about the phone that actually exists, the Moto X, and share some news that ought to please existing X owners.

A Motorola exec has confirmed that the Moto X will receive an update to Android L. Punit Soni, Motorola’s VP of Product Management, recently responded to a question about the Moto X’s odds of getting an Android L update with a simple “Yup.”

Exactly when the Moto X’s Android L update will actually hit consumers remains a mystery, but considering how speedy Motorola has been about updating the Moto X in the past, we’re betting that there won’t be much time between Android L’s official launch and the Moto X update’s rollout. For now you Moto X owners can just rejoice knowing that you’ll get a taste of Android L just for being you.

Via: Droid-Life

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  • thel0nerang3r

    I would think that the “when” is dependent on when Google releases it, wouldn’t it?

    • Cameron

      The “when” is certainly dependent on Google, but how long after that is the real question. My hopes are that since all OEM’s have access to the beta version of the OS so much sooner, the delay can be cut even more by Motorola.

      I’d like to think they’ve already got some stable builds for their devices right now in R&D. Wait for the official version, change what little needs to be done to work on that version, then get it out to carriers and devices immediately after.