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Motorola offering free wooden back upgrade for Moto X


Motorola seems really eager to get rid of its remaining stock of the Moto X. We know the phone hasn’t sold all that well, but the constant sales this summer have really given people the chance to pick one up cheap. And we’re not complaining; it’s an absolutely wonderful device and I’m using one right now as my daily driver.

Today Motorola kicked off another Moto X sale, but this time around, it’s not a sale on the actual device. Instead, Motorola is allowing you to upgrade to a wooden back for free through August 21. This upgrade regularly costs $25, so it isn’t the biggest savings on the Moto X that you can get, but it’s still pretty good. Maybe the company will have one more huge sale before the release of the Moto X+1.

If you want my opinion, you’re probably better off either waiting for a better deal or just waiting for the Moto X+1. Not only will it be a far superior device if you can afford it, but its release will drop the price on the Moto X. But if you really want one now – and I wouldn’t blame you if you do – save some money on the wooden back.

Via: Pocket Now

Source: Motorola

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