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Motorola’s next Verizon phone is right around the corner


We got a box! We got a box! Android Central has obtained an image of what is undoubtedly Motorola’s next big release on Verizon. The only problem is that it’s trapped in a plain box. And we can’t see what it is.

Going by the model number XT1096, which places it in line with other Droid releases, the device in the box is apparently a, “pre-commercial unit that is owned by Verizon Wireless that cannot be activated on a Consumer or Employee account.” Furthermore, “it is considered highly confidential.”

Is it the Moto X+1? Moto Maxx? Moto Droid T-1000? We don’t know, but we know it has to be coming soon. We all just want to know the same thing David Mills does, “What’s in the box?”


Source: Android Central

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