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New Sprint CEO teases ‘very disruptive’ plans coming next week


Just days after replacing the ousted CEO Dan Hesse, Sprint’s new CEO held a town hall meeting to lay out his plans for the big yellow carrier.

New Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure recently spoke to his employees, explaining that he plans to cut prices, improve Sprint’s network and lower the carrier’s operational costs. The first step in his effort will focus on pricing.

Claure went on to tease that Sprint will introduce “very disruptive” plans next week. He didn’t elaborate on the new rate plans, though. What he did do was say that Sprint will also react quickly to its competitors’ offers in order to remain attractive to consumers.


Claure went on to admit that “When your network is behind, unfortunately you have to compete on value and price.” He said that Sprint will focus on its network after its plan pricing, dipping into its spectrum reserves to improve its network experience.

Finally, Claure said that job cuts are inevitable, but that he doesn’t have any details about what they might entail.

We’ll have to wait for Sprint to unveil its new plans before we know precisely how “disruptive” they truly are, but it’s good to see that Claure has a plan for making Sprint competitive. The carrier seems to have become a bit sluggish as of late, but Claure aims to reverse that and put up a fight against T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.

What do you think that Sprint can do to make itself more competitive in the U.S. market?

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  • Eli Gaffke

    Yeah having a network that works would be very disruptive.

    • Andre

      LOL – but really, I thought Sprint just upgraded their network?? It’s still behind? I guess I’m not really sure because I have Sprint and to me my phone works well…?

    • Dan Jones

      Their network is already disruptive: disruptive to my calls.

  • drewvig

    Don’t be a jerk off to the existing customers by telling them they should find another carrier after 16 years of loyalty. #rearviewmirror #notlookingback

  • DJReverb

    John Legere is shaking in his magenta t-shirt!

    Whatever, they are probably going to pull a T-Mo and try an “Uncarrier” type thing. Too little too late.

    • RK

      Now we will see level playing leaders…………..but let us see new pricing before jumping any conclusion………………..

      • Deke218

        No we won’t see level playing leaders. Sprint could cut their prices 50% and still be loosing customers. First and for most, Sprint MUST get it’s network together. Worry about major population areas for now. Most of your revenue comes from big cities. Do whatever you have to do to get your customers in these areas happy.

  • Marc

    I’m on Sprint and it still sucks. My question is this….These cute little plans, are they going to offer these new plans to current customers or just new customers they are trying to steal away? I bet the loyal long standing current customer gets the big “F” job.

  • jamal adam

    More disruption in the wireless business means more competition and thus better things to come for us customers in regards to pricing and value.

  • Mike Palomba

    This may entice the budget friendly back to sprint but most people leave sprint for a reason and it’s not price. I
    Just left sprint and I wouldn’t go back to then if they paid me to use their service, which is nonexistent

  • M P Firestone

    Honestly the best thing Sprint could do is fix its lousy network. :I work a couple of blocks from the White House and often have no network signal. This is absolutely pathetic! At home I had to buy an Airave device just so I can get cell phone service at home. If it wasn’t disruptive to switch a bunch of cell phone numbers for a small business, I would have switch a long time ago. If Sprint wants to try and improve, selling phones without a bunch of crapware would also be a good start.