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OnePlus catches flak for ‘Ladies First’ invitation contest


OnePlus’s marketing efforts have gotten just about as much attention as the OnePlus One itself, including an invitation system and a “Smash the Past” promo that asked consumers to smash perfectly good phones for the chance to buy a OnePlus One. Today that trend of questionable marketing strategies continued with a “Ladies First” promo.

In an effort to show that “chivalry is not dead,” OnePlus announced this morning that it was kicking off a “Ladies First” contest that tasked the female members of its forum with posting images of themselves with the OnePlus logo. The other forumgoers would then vote on the images, and the top 50 vote-getters would receive an invitation to buy a OnePlus One. OnePlus also asked its “lovely ladies” to not post any nude photos.

OnePlus promptly began receiving criticism for its Ladies First contest, which objectified its female fans by asking them to share photos of themselves that would then be voted on by others. Apparently OnePlus eventually figured out the problem with the promo, as the contest has since been deleted. However, the original thread can still be viewed using Google Cache.

As I said before, OnePlus has been responsible for some, shall we say “unique,” marketing efforts in the past. This Ladies First contest takes things to another level, though, asking women to show themselves off for an invitation to buy a cellphone. OnePlus may have eventually realized that the contest was wrong and by deleting it, but it would’ve been better if the company had not launched the promo in the first place.

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  • CJ

    As much as I’m not a fan of the tactics OnePlus uses, this is an instance where things are being blown out of proportion. I’ve seen many contests where entrants were asked to take pictures of themselves using a product and then having others vote on it. So they chose to have this one women only, so what?

  • Gomez

    Why do some people get offended so easily?

    • Mix


      How dare you!

      Ahh society, so they really only care that they are asking for photos of the women and NOT that is is for women only?

      Women only = all good, carry on.

      Men only = call the news NOW!

  • Andrew

    I agree, nothing to see here…

    However, if anyone has an extra unexpired invite.. feel free to email me!

  • oliver

    whilst this may not offend alot of people, those people are likely to be male. whilst i’m not necessarily offended at this one, i’m contunally stupified by their marketing tactics. seems they don’t think anything over for more than 2 seconds, as a move such as this one is GUARANTEED to get negative attention.

  • steve

    I finally got an invite from them but I don’t know if I want one. I already bought a LG g3 and I think with the way this company has been, I think a few hundred more from a different company may be what’s needed.or a nexus 6 with a 6inch screen

    • Seth

      Steve! My man, I’ll take your invite please! I need a new phone and this is only one that fits my budget. Thanks in advance!

  • surethom

    This is now getting boring, It was a good idea at the start to do something to get an invitation to buy but now it is actually turning me off getting this phone.

    RELEASE this phone to anyone that want it for goodness sake, you are loosing thousands of sales. Once the Moto x+1 (Sep) get announced & Nexus 6 rumors start, people will start to loose interest in this phone, if you cannot just buy one.

  • tmoore4075

    I’m bored with all of this now. Remember when we all thought this was going to be released to the masses by mid-summer? Now summer is almost over. I’m about 2 months away from Nexus 6 or whatever they’ll call it. I’ll wait, thanks.

  • Drew

    The media hype around this is exactly what these guys were going for. Just when everyone was pretty much over them, they are back in the lime light.. all press is good press… anyway.. I’ll take an unexpired invite please :)

  • Random

    “Wrong”, “questionable” ? Guys… Seriously… Beside the fact that women are more and more put on a pedestal, society has gone too far with paranoia.

    I don’t see what’s wrong, this is all bullsh**.