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OnePlus One now getting Android 4.4.4 and Clear Image camera optimization

OnePlus One

OnePlus is rolling out a new update to the OnePlus One today. The first major item on the agenda is the inclusion of Android 4.4.4 KitKat. CyanogenMod 11S 300 is rolling out to OnePlus One owners now, and it contains a multitude of improvements, the latest available version of Android and bug fixes for off-screen gestures and a cooler color calibration for the screen.

A second large part of this update is Clear Image. Clear Image is a new camera optimization from OnePlus that aims to deliver better pictures. OnePlus posted some side-by-side comparisons (see one below) and Clear Image adds in a feature where ten photos are taken in a burst and then stitched together into a single shot. It’s a bit like HDR, but Clear Image serves more to create a higher-res image rather than up dynamic range. The oversharpening of the OnePlus One also looks to have been toned down, a welcome relief from the strong digital sharpening that we saw from the camera.

The update is rolling out slowly to OnePlus One owners, so you should be seeing it sometime within the next week.

Left: Without Clear Image, Right: With Clear Image (Click for full size)

Left: Without Clear Image, Right: With Clear Image (Click for full size)

Source: OnePlus (1), (2)

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  • masterpfa

    Looking forward to this update, primarily Android 4.4.4 but also the bug fixes and tweaks and Clear Photo

    This package just keeps getting better and better