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Rumor says LG to announce the G Watch 2 at IFA Berlin


The LG G Watch was launched at Google I/O of this year back in June, wich was less than two months ago. However, rumors are stating that there might be an LG G Watch 2 announced at IFA Berlin in under a month. An announcement of a new product only three months isn’t all that new to us (ahem, Sony), but it would not exactly be confidence-inspiring for LG.

According to the rumor, the negative reactions to the aesthetics and display of the G Watch sparked LG to start working on an improved model. While the G Watch indeed looks boring, it’s also sleek and unobtrusive, something that should be appreciated. The display is another story, and it’s up to opinion.

LG is said to be using an OLED display on the next model, which should improve both size and battery life. Samsung’s AMOLED display tech is great in daylight in my opinion, so visibility may improve, too. Unfortunately, the watch may not be publicly shown off and may just be shown off to clients privately.

We want your opinion, G Watch owners. Would LG be doing a disservice to its customers by announcing a new model of the G Watch so soon? Would you regret being one of the first people to buy an Android Wear device? Or are you looking forward to getting an updated model? Leave a comment!

Source: Korea Times

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  • thel0nerang3r

    OLED should go long ways to improve being able to see the screen outdoors.

  • truth

    I think most people just want the moto 360, i know i do. nothing can compare at this point.