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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could feature an ultrasonic cover


According to SamMobile, Samsung is developing an ultrasonic cover for use with the Galaxy Note 4. It appears that the ultrasonic sensor is not in the phone itself, but rather in a case for the phone. Ultrasonic sensors are a way to help the blind or vision-impaired navigate their way around. If there was ever a gimmick to add to a smartphone case, then this is one to go through with because it actually helps those in need.

The case will reportedly have an ultrasonic sensor built-in that will detect objects in front of and slightly to the sides of the user. It will then notify the user of the objects, allowing him or her to better understand their environment and avoid the hazard. Three levels of sensitivity will be offered – short, middle and long – that change how far the sensor reads ahead of you. As the range increases, however, the width consequently decreases.

While the leak contains documents from Samsung that clearly state that the cover is not intended to be used without a cane or other assistance, it still could be a handy tool for those who are vision impaired. One final note is that the ultrasonic sensor doesn’t detect drop-offs, so don’t use this around areas with stairs as it won’t help. Even with those caveats, it’s great to see Samsung making a product designed to assist those in need.

Source: SamMobile

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