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Samsung is going all out on the Galaxy Note 4′s camera

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

Samsung is no stranger to taking the cameras seriously in their devices. The Galaxy S4, Note 3 and Galaxy S5 have arguably the best cameras on any Android device ever released. According to a report out of the highly reliable SamMobile, the Galaxy Note 4 will be a monster in the camera department as well.

On the hardware side, SamMobile is saying the Note 4 will come with a 16-megapixel Sony IMX240 sensor with optical image stabilization (OIS), support for shooting UHD (3840×2160) video at 30 FPS and a 3.7-megapixel front-facing camera sensor, capable of capturing images and videos in WQHD (2560×1440) resolution. There is also a new hardware feature coming called Side Touch that allows you to capture images by touching the bezel of the Note 4 where a physical camera button would normally reside.

Based on the hardware alone, we’d surmise the Galaxy Note 4 will have a top of the line camera capable of competing with any high-end smartphone available today. But Samsung being Samsung, there are a million software features to back that hardware up. You’ll find the full list of resolutions the Note 4 is capable of shooting in as well as the camera modes and features below, but of particular note is a new way to access the camera via a two finger tap and slide from the homescreen, a wide angle selfie mode and a handful of features coming over from the S5, like Live HDR and Fast Auto-Focus.

We’ll wait until we see the final product before giving the final word, but we’d be very surprised if the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 didn’t come with one of the best cameras of the year.


- 16MP (5312×2988 | 16:9)
- 12MP (3984×2988 | 4:3)
- 9MP (2976×2976 | 1:1)
- 8MP (3264×2448 | 4:3)
- 6MP (3264×1836 | 16:9)
- 2.4MP (2048×1152 | 16:9)


- UHD (3840×2160 | 16:9 | 30FPS)
- WQHD (2560×1440 | 16:9 | 30FPS)
- Full HD (1920×1080 | 16:9 | 30/60FPS)
- HD (1280×720 | 16:9 | 15/30/120FPS)
- VGA (640×480 | 4:3 | 30FPS)


- Wide Selfie: Take wide-angle selfie shots to fit more people into your pictures.
- Selfie: Take selfies easily by smiling or winking without the need to reach for the camera button.
- Selfie Alarm: The rear camera will automatically detect and focus on your face when you take self-portrait pictures.
- Create A GIF File: Create animated images by taking pictures continuously.
- Beauty Face: Take flawless portrait pictures with an airbrushed effect.
- Shot & More: Explore the various effects available for burst shots.
- Sound & Shot: Enrich your pictures by adding a few seconds of background sound.
- Best photo: Select the best from a series of pictures.
- Best face: Select the best picture of each person from a series of pictures.
- Drama: Take a series of pictures of a moving object, then merge them.
- Eraser: Erase unwanted moving objects from your picture.
- Panning shot: Capture a sense of motion when taking pictures of moving objects.
- Dual Camera: You can take pictures and record videos using the front and rear cameras at the same time.
- Animated Photo: Create a picture containing selected moving objects by animating certain parts of the picture.

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Source: SamMobile

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  • BlazeHN

    Bring us the 4 already dammit! >=/

  • steve

    Samsung has one of the best cameras? News to most. I will be getting the note 4. But my g3 camera smokes the s5. I would say first g3 then z2 the s5. They are finally putting image stabilization I see in the note 4 finaly. That should put it on par maybe.

  • Richard Yarrell

    It’s always been pretty much plain and simple for me since May 2011 nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period they are Android nothing else matters.

    The Galaxy Note 4 will be a day one purchase for me as usual nothing new here.

    I can only imagine how the haters will feel when the Galaxy Note 4 is launched. Well bring it on haters and trolls were ready for you. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    • 99steven

      Nothing else matters but Samsung? I always was a huge Samsung suporter. I find Samsung the most boring now. I have a g3 and an 5s. The g3 kills it

      • Mitchell Tan

        Well the G3 kills Samsung is because it is released later than the S5…

        But a QHD screen using a 801 is very bad choice. I guess they just don’t want to wait till now when phones start using the 805 instead…

      • Mitchell Tan

        But at least the G3 has a OIS camera. OIS is a must for all camera phones to me and finally Samsung is using it…
        Loving the OIS camera on my Nexus 5!!!

    • Dee

      Hell yeah Samsung and the Note series kills it each time! I’ll be in lime witcha picking up my Note 4 with curved screen B-)

  • TruFactz

    I just hope they don’t cap the 4k recording like they do on the Note 3

  • Gary

    Competition is what makes Samsung so great a company…

  • DD Whit

    I hope they do a lot better than they did on the s4 camera! The s4 camera is crap!!

  • G3 sucks

    Hahaha… All the g3 haters welcome to the comments section!
    First of the g3 screen sucks. Second the phone is laggy as sht. I would never buy a beta QHD phone. Even the s5 screen looks better than the g3. The g3 is just a hype, FOR NOW… move over g3 her comes the king of phablet! Your beta QHD version is about to get smoked! Hahaha…. WELCOME GALAXY NOTE 4!


    • 99steve

      So you won’t get a note 4? It’s QHD. Dumbshit. Finally I see imagine stabalizaton is going into the note 4. About time. The g3 has the best camera

  • kasaski

    I have note2 and s4,, .. great cameras if you want take pictures of ghosts only

    • Ed Fumpin

      So do I. They’re smartphone cameras. The differences between them all are minimal at best. At least compared to an SLR. If you really care all that much about cameras and photography, you have an SLR. Or you live in your mom’s basement and you talk shiznit on teh Interwebs about other people’s smartphones vs. your smartphone.

    • chuckh0308

      Interesting, I have a Note 2 and I find the camera to be quite excellent.

      • Mitchell Tan

        You need to try a phone with OIS… I hardly get any blur images on my Nexus 5 all thanks to it!

  • tmihai20

    4K video recording means it must have a lot of internal memory, maybe this is why they limited the time you could record (on Note 3).

    LG G3 doesn’t lag, it is a wonderful phone and it will provide a tough competition to Note 4. Let’s see how good will the Note 4 be.

  • onn

    You guys obviously dunno what u r talking about when you say that the G3 and Z2
    is better than the S5. Obviously you didn’t test it thoroughly.
    FYi I bought the G3 and own it for 3 days but traded in for the S5.
    Thank God the dealer accepted it but I lost some 20%. Lets take 4k video shooting for instance. Both the G3 and Z2 shoots wavy videos under fluorescent lighting, really irritating.
    Whilst you can say that both the Z2 and G3 gives you more natural color tone as opposed
    to the S5 is more saturated, it’s also one way of saying that the former color is dull and flat.
    Not to mention the Z2 jams up when shooting more 3 and half minute in 4K mode.Why is both the G3 and Z2 suffering the same problems, that’s because G3 and even Oppo, Xiaomi and One plus one all uses the Sony camera technology. For G3 and Z2 users if you dont believe me I dare you to shoot under fluorescent lighting.

  • alex

    Samsung releases waaaay too much shit how about just releasing one or two good tablet/phone stop fragmenting features into a bunch of devices

  • Justin

    Galaxy Note 4 take my money!!!!

  • Steve

    These specs are pretty meaningless without things such as sensor size and pixel size