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Sharp’s one-bezel Aquos Crystal smartphone is headed to the US

Sharp Aquos Crystal

Sharp is making a new entry into the US market with its unique Aquos Crystal smartphone. Sharp hasn’t been a major player in the US up to now, but it has quite a name in some Asian countries. While we’ve drooled over some of its Japan-exclusive smartphones, we can at least expect to see one of them in the US this year. The Sharp Aquos Crystal is a mid-range smartphone with a stand-out feature: it only has one bezel.

Drawing from its TV heritage, Sharp has moved all of the front parts – aside from the display – down to the bottom of the phone. This leaves the top and most of the two sides, to be all display with no bezel. The design is striking and takes a little getting used to, but in person it’s sure to impress. Specs-wise, we’re looking at a typical mid-range Android phone with a 5-inch 720p display, Snapdragon 400 processor, 1.5GB of RAM, Android 4.4 KitKat and Harmon/Kardon audio.

The (poorly translated) press release includes one line about the Aquos Crystal making it to the US. This lines up with a Sprint event taking place in New York tomorrow, August 19, that’s going to “take the edge off,” a not-so-subtle hint at the Aquos Crystal. Sharp also has a bigger brother of the Aquos Crystal entitled the Aquos Crystal X, though it seems as though that 5.5-inch model will stay exclusive to Japan.

Via: Android Central

Source: Sharp

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  • sandwich

    Color me interested… though I have two questions:

    1) Where’s the speaker (for calls, not the loudspeaker)? If it’s pointing out the top, wouldn’t “private” conversations bleed out for those nearby to hear?

    2) If this takes off, are we going to have a slew of up-nostril selfies? :-/

    • Nick Sarafolean

      Both valid points. As for the speaker, I’m curious as well. Honestly unsure of its location.

      And psh, what’s wrong with a society of pig-like pictures?

  • Dan Middleton

    Will barely be noticed in the US coming from Sharp. If the concept works then one of the big-name manufacturers in the US will appropriate the idea in a year or two and hopefully come out with a phone like this with better specs.

    Right now Sharp is just doing the proof-of-concept work for Samsung, HTC, etc.

  • Tangent

    While that looks awesome, I can see that being a problem in actual use. When I’m holding my phone that has a bezel on all sides I already occasionally have it register a touch from the side of my hand that’s holding the phone. I usually know that’s happened when an attempt to scroll turns into a zoom instead…

    • jamal adam

      I assume they’ll some software so that the touchscreen doesn’t register those kinds of touchs otherwise this will be a big problem with those small bezels.

    • thel0nerang3r

      I currently do that with the M8, and the side bezel is not as thin as this Sharp phone.

  • Bart

    Checking elsewhere on the www, the screen is not a transparent slate of glass or plastic as seemingly represented here. The image is merely portraying the same photo as the background. The phone does have a solid, opaque back just like all phones do today.

    • jamal adam

      Of course it’s not transparent. Nothing in the headline nor in the article stated it as such. This is just a picture, most likely taken from one among many released by Sharp. Had it been transparent, you would know because the whole of the internet or at the very least all the sites we check out would be all over it.

    • Donovan A

  • aryin