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Sony Xperia Z2 allegedly survived six weeks underwater

Sony Xperia Z2 underwater

Water resistance is a feature that’s spreading to many devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, but it’s one that Sony’s Xperia products have featured for some time. According to the level of resistance to water of these devices, they can survive underwater for half an hour at a time. In the case of the Xperia Z2, it can last that long at a depth of 1.5 meters.

However, someone dropped their Xperia Z2 while water skiing and didn’t end up getting it back for 6 whole weeks. The device spent 6 weeks under 10 meters of salt water, which is an experience that the phone was never intended to live through. Despite some physical damage, though, it’s still functional!

Obviously the drop took its toll on the Xperia Z2, especially with its glass back, but the fact that it still works and that the salt water didn’t kill it is pretty amazing. Sony makes a tough phone! We obviously don’t suggest you try this with your own device, but if the time comes, it’s good to know it should be able to handle it.

Via: Android Police


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  • Ilja

    I’ve simply tried to put Xperia V under shower to clean it a bit, with similar water protection. But it died.

    This happened because power/usb port after normal charging for one year become worn out. It warranty in this case does not work. So there are sad stories about Sony as well

    • thel0nerang3r

      You know, waterproof phones should have Qi charging built in, that would help long ways to keep the seals waterproof.

      • Igor

        Xperia Z devices have got magnetic charger port which is waterproof and isn’t covered. Unfortunately you have to buy magnetic cable for somethinglike $2 (not original).

  • pekosROB

    Wow, how in the hell did they find it 6 months later? And by they, I mean whoever found it. Did it wash up on shore?

    • blah blah blah blah blah

      It said six weeks

      • Jatoma

        Doesn’t make a difference. How could they ever find it?
        Something else that bothers me about this story, how could the glass break like that? From the drop in the water? From hitting the ground??? From waves and stones down there? If you find glass that was washed ashore it is nicely rounded, but not broken into pieces…

        • Dima Aryeh

          Glass is rounded over years, and even decades. The power of waves is gentle, but immense over time. It would be impossible to round off glass in 6 weeks, or even 6 months.

    • Dima Aryeh

      It was found by a friend of the person who went scuba diving. It cracked from hitting something on the ocean floor I assume.

  • malth

    Its sad i did the sam with my ;/